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Acceleration from 100 kilometers ≤ 4.8 seconds, zero-run C11 performance version unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

China Automotive News, April 19th. Today, Leaper Technology launched a new version of the “Global Power Midfield SUV” Leaper C11-Leaper C11 Performance Edition at the Shanghai Auto Show. The C11 performance version is equipped with two zero-run self-developed 'Pangu' oil-cooled electric drives, with a body size of 4750×1905×1650mm, a 2930mm long wheelbase, a NEDC cruising range of 550km, and an acceleration from 100km to less than 4.8 seconds, which is comparable to a performance sports car.

Currently, the pre-sale channel for the C11 performance version has been opened, and users can make reservations through the Leaprun App, Leaprun Auto official website, and the Leaprun Mini Program. The market guide prices of the Zero Run C11 are respectively: 159,800 yuan for the luxury version, 179,800 yuan for the exclusive version, and 199,800 yuan for the performance version. In April, you can enjoy a discount of 20,000 yuan for 34,000 car purchases.

It has completed the roll-off of the OTS vehicle (tooling vehicle) in the first quarter of this year, and mass production is progressing smoothly. The deluxe version and premium version will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

On the C11 performance version, Leapfrog first launched the 'Pangu' oil-cooled electric drive. The Pangu oil-cooled electric drive is the industry's first variable-architecture electric drive assembly, which can be integrated to meet the needs of the vehicle layout for flat and tilted powertrains. The total success rate of the first power drive is 200kW, the weight is 85kg, the NEDC efficiency is 88.5%, the noise is 78 decibels, the life span is 1 million kilometers, the platform is compatible with 100-300KW, and the comprehensive performance is at the leading level in the industry.

At the same time, the Zero Running C11 performance version is also the first to be equipped with two zero running fully self-developed intelligent driving chips-'Lingxin 01'. The new car is synchronously equipped with a nationally produced automatic driving system. Through two 'Lingxin 01' and 28 high-precision perception hardware, 22 intelligent driving assistance functions can be realized. It will have all the functions of Leap Pilot 2.0 when it is delivered, and it will be through OTA in the future. Realize the related functions of Leap Pilot 3.0 version.

Leppan will hold a special event for fans of “Laptop Dialogue C11 Technology Control” on the next day of the Shanghai Auto Show. Leapport will criticize various 'chiefs on autopilot, smart cockpit, oil-cooled electric drive, etc.' 'Officials' sit around and chat.

Ling Pao C11 is currently undergoing various verification tests. Next, high-temperature adaptability tests and the second round of durability and reliability tests will be held, and various tests are proceeding in an orderly manner. Zero Run will also invite the 'Chief Critic Officer' to participate in part of the C11 test work to test the reliability of C11 at close range.

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