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Engine Camshaft For CAT Caterpillar

CAT Caterpillar Diesel Engine Camshaft

At present all Caterpillar diesel engines use compact casing oil pumps or sliding sleeve oil volume adjustment oil pumps. No matter what type of oil pump is used, one pump oil element per cylinder is used. Four- and six-cylinder diesel engines use in-line oil pumps. V-8, V-12 and other diesel engines use V-type oil pumps. Caterpillar oil pumps require few equipment and special tools to operate, and the fuel pump calibration is done in the diesel engine, which is one of the characteristics of the diesel engine.


Compact housing fuel pump

(1) Structure of compact casing fuel pump A sectional view of the structure of the compact casing fuel pump. Cat cam camshaft consists of camshaft, cam, roller tappet, plunger, plunger spring, throttle rack, fan-shaped gear sleeve and pump body. The working process of the compact casing oil pump.

(2) Working principle of compact casing fuel injection pump

Fuel injection principle: When the diesel engine is running, the camshaft is driven to rotate, the cam pushes the roller tappet to move upward, and the roller tappet pushes the pump oil plunger to move upward. When the plunger is at the bottom dead center, the fuel delivery pump delivers fuel to the oil chamber of the oil pump at a low level, and the fuel flows from the oil chamber into the space above the plunger and completely fills it. Because the camshaft forces the plunger to move up again, it gradually covers the oil inlet hole and closes the oil hole. At this time, the fuel injection starts. The continued upward movement of the plunger will continue to inject fuel until the lower edge of the spiral chute hits the oil hole, and the fuel injection is terminated. At this time, even if the plunger continues to rise and completes the cam before it returns to the bottom dead center Lift is also not fuel injection.


This camshaft is suitable for CAT Caterpillar diesel engines, currently we can produce and supply S6K, 3304, 3306, 3406, 3406E, 3412E, C7, C9/C-9, C12, C13, C15 diesel engine camshaft models.

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CAT CATERPILLAR Diesel Engine Camshaft
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