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Analysis of the new Changan Blue Core 1.5TDPI engine

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] At the Changan booth at the Beijing Auto Show, we found a Changan Blue Core 1.5TDPI engine on display. Although few people stopped for it, there was a lot of it. article.

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(Basic parameters of Changan Blue Core 1.5TDPI engine)

   TDPI in Changan 1.5TDPI is a combination of GDI and PFI, that is, gasoline direct injection Combination of the abbreviation of port injection and port fuel injection, dual fuel injection technology.

● Dual fuel injection technology

   It can be clearly seen in the figure that in the intake manifold and cylinder Each has an injector (the red circle is the intake manifold injector, and the yellow circle is the direct injection nozzle in the cylinder). The difference is that direct injection in the cylinder requires greater pressure to produce better atomization. Therefore, the direct injection nozzle in the cylinder is connected to the high-pressure fuel system, and the manifold nozzle is connected to the low-pressure fuel system.

   In addition, Changan 1.5T has brought us more than just this surprise. What kind of technology is hidden under this aluminum alloy body will make us feel Chang'an is full of intentions.

   I believe that many car friends are no longer unfamiliar with these technologies, but they are still rarely used in self-developed models. Below we have some detailed pictures from the auto show Let’s take a look at this 1.5T engine.

● Variable valve timing technology:

● Single turbo and double scroll:

● Oil-gas separation technology:


  From the perspective of domestic production, whether this engine is based on paper data The technology used is still pretty good, but everything is just looking. The actual combat effectiveness needs to be proved by practice. We will continue to pay attention to this engine. (Photo/Text: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Chi Dongning. Photo: Zhou Jianqiang)


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