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As soon as the motorcycle's camshaft was replaced, there was an abnormal noise in the cylinder head, and there was no deviation at all in this part.

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

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Some time ago, a motorcycle was replaced with a camshaft. Something went wrong, please record it. It was a Chunlan Leopard motorcycle that had traveled for nearly 50,000 kilometers. The camshaft was abnormally worn due to the owner's failure to change the oil in time. These are not mentioned more, but the shop's master replaced it.

I'm busy, the master told me that there are some problems with this car, let me take a look. I asked about the situation. After the master replaced the new part, as soon as it started up, it made a noticeable abnormal noise in the cylinder head. I opened the cylinder head cover and checked the valve clearance and found that it was a bit large, so I re-adjusted it, but after installing it, I found that the abnormal noise was still there. I couldn't do anything about it, so I looked at it.

I came to the car I just repaired, started the engine, and there was an obvious abnormality in the cylinder head. sound. Open the cylinder head cover and check the timing chain first. There is no sign of loosening, indicating that the tensioner is working properly.

Because the camshaft has just been replaced, it is important to check the parts related to its work. Remove the spark plug, plug the cylinder head spark plug hole with your fingers, use the foot start and electric start mechanism to run the crankshaft, the pressure at the spark plug hole is obvious, and the compression pressure is basically normal based on experience, and the abnormal noise is not caused by valve jam.

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Carefully observe the valve rocker arm and the intake and exhaust valve rocker arm shafts in the cylinder head cover , No abnormal situation was seen. Remove the screw plug on the right crankcase cover, and rotate the crankshaft to the position at the end of the compression stroke so that the sprocket line on the camshaft is parallel to the cylinder head plane. At this time, the 'T' mark on the magneto rotor should be It is aligned with the inspection hole line of the right crankcase cover, but after careful observation, it is found that the mark is incorrect, indicating that the engine's valve timing is out of order.

This seems to be the installation error of the timing sprocket on the camshaft! I disassembled it and checked it. I felt that the workmanship was not detailed enough. I asked the master to find out that it was brought by the car owner. The master helped him to determine the fault conclusion during the last consultation. However, at the time, he said that there was something temporary and there was no maintenance. I brought it this time. One surrendered for installation, and only paid for working hours.

The text has nothing to do with the picture

I asked the master to fetch the genuine camshaft, and get the camshaft brought by the owner in my hand Comparing it, I found that the installation angle is slightly different, and let the owner see it and show him where the difference is. I told the car owner that fortunately, it was installed and there was an abnormal noise. If it is not found, it may be dangerous next time driving at high speed.

u200bWith the consent of the owner, replace the genuine camshaft again, and then drive on the road after careful assembly. The engine sounds normal. The vehicle accelerates well and the fault is eliminated. This is a normal maintenance activity, and I didn't take pictures. I shared it. All of them understand the technology. You can understand it when you say it.

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