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Automobile ignition signal: check of camshaft position sensor

by:Yisheng      2021-06-06

The camshaft position sensor is mainly used to determine the cylinder sequence of the engine, and the ECU controls the injection oil and point sequence according to this signal. According to different structures and working principles, there are three types: electromagnetic induction, Hall effect, and photoelectric. They are mostly installed on the timing gear cover and are an active speed sensor like the crankshaft position sensor.

Camshaft position sensor

Hall effect refers to placing a hexahedral Hall element in a magnetic field, When a current passes through the two surfaces and a magnetic field passes through the other two surfaces, a voltage is generated on the two surfaces perpendicular to the current and the magnetic field. This voltage is called the Hall voltage. When the magnetic field passing through the Hall element is shielded, the Hall voltage cannot be generated. Since the Hall voltage is very weak and cannot be directly used as the signal of the sensor, it needs to be amplified and reshaped to act on the base of the transistor at the end of the sensor.

When Hall voltage is generated, the transistor is turned on and the sensor outputs a low voltage; when there is no Hall voltage, the transistor is turned off and the sensor outputs high voltage. The Hall sensor harness connector is generally a three-hole socket, of which No. 1 is a power socket, with three types of 12V, 8V, and 5V. The No. 2 socket is used for signal output, and the No. 3 is a grounded socket.

The characteristic of the output signal of the Hall-effect Engine Camshaft For Mercedes Benz position sensor is that as the engine speed increases, the signal frequency becomes faster and faster, but the signal The amplitude does not change. When testing, connect the negative probe of the oscilloscope to the lead of socket 3 and the positive probe to the lead of socket 2 to start the engine, and the output voltage waveform can be measured at different speeds.

During the inspection, if the waveform is interrupted, the amplitude is uneven, the maximum amplitude is less than the specified value, etc., it can be judged that the sensor is damaged.

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