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AVIC lithium battery 'escorts' GAC Aian

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

In 2020, GAC Aian’s new energy model sales totaled 60,000, a year-on-year increase of 43%. Among them, Aion S has a cumulative sales of 45,600 units, ranking fourth in the 2020 domestic new energy passenger vehicle sales list.

In January 2021, GAC Ian’s sales reached a record high in the same period, reaching 7,356 units, a 145% increase year-on-year. Cumulative sales from January to February reached 10,595 units, an increase of 133.8% year-on-year. The new pure electric compact model Aion Y will be launched in April, which will contribute to the production and sales of Aion's 2021 new energy.

GAC Aian New Energy has rapidly started its volume, and its market ranking has jumped from No.15 to No.5 in 2017. This is inseparable from the continuous product escort and comprehensive range of its power battery supplier-AVIC Lithium. stand by.

As an important strategic partner of GAC Aian, AVIC Lithium Battery has successfully ensured the mass production, volume up and on-time production of GAC Aian’s safety models in the past year, as well as ensuring supply of resources and quality control. Continue to help customers and achieve customers.

On March 25th, at the second GAC Ion Supply Chain Partner Conference in 2021, AVIC Lithium Battery, Bosch, United Electronics and other international first-line component suppliers won the highest award at the GAC Ion Conference. 'Excellent Supplier of New Energy'.

AVIC Lithium Battery is also the only battery company in the supplier system of GAC Ion to win the award in 2021.

To stand out among many high-quality power battery suppliers, and eventually become an excellent supplier of power batteries for GAC Aian, and its penetration rate continues to rise. The secret of AVIC lithium battery is its continuous product research and development capabilities, production capacity layout and precision Market positioning and so on.

1. Product strength is the core, and it is also the core element of its leading power battery market.

The high-energy-density ternary battery system built for GAC Aian’s “no fire, no useable” high-energy density ternary battery system demonstrates the product strength, technical potential and development resilience of AVIC Lithium in the mid- to high-end market.

Relying on the leading breakthrough battery cell technology, reliable and stable structure design, precise and efficient thermal management technology, AVIC Lithium Battery has solved the problem of battery thermal runaway in one fell swoop, product safety has been qualitatively improved, and the service life and performance have been greatly improved. Promote.

GAC Aian is deeply bound with AVIC, and the penetration rate of AVIC's lithium battery in the safety year of GAC AVIC has increased to 70%. Since January 2021, the penetration rate of battery products has reached more than 90%.

The steadily increasing penetration rate has once again confirmed the high recognition of AVIC products by GAC Aian, and it is also the embodiment of AVIC’s highest quality products.

Second, the installed capacity is growing rapidly, and the ternary installed capacity ranks second in China.

With precise customer positioning and stable market play, AVIC's lithium battery installed capacity has soared.

According to the data of the Advanced Industry Research Institute (GGII), in 2020, the installed capacity of power batteries ranks third in China for AVIC Lithium, with a market share of 6.08%. Among them, the installed capacity of Sanyuan ranks second in the country, and is firmly in the top position of the Sanyuan market.

Related data show that from January to February 2021, the installed capacity of AVIC's lithium battery increased by more than 15 times year-on-year, and the installed capacity ranked first among the top 5 companies.

As the core supplier of GAC Agan and Changan, in 2021, AVIC Lithium will also supply a number of new energy vehicle companies at home and abroad in batches, and the installed capacity is expected to further increase.

3. Accelerate production capacity layout and expand continuous supporting capacity, with a production capacity of 100GWh in 2021.

In order to better serve the market and customers, AVIC Lithium has accelerated its production capacity layout. In 2021, AVIC's lithium battery has been mass-produced, under construction, and has a capacity of 100 GWh under construction, and the 14th Five-Year Plan has a capacity of over 200 GWh.

In 2021, AVIC Lithium will continue to work closely with GAC's safety series models to accelerate the realization of platform-based, universal and large-scale products, and continue to achieve joint cost reduction and joint market development.

In addition, AVIC Lithium has accelerated its global strategic layout, continued to expand its supporting capabilities, and is committed to becoming a leading international company.

At present, AVIC Lithium Battery has passed Honda’s fixed point of development and Smart’s fixed point of mass production, and officially launched the batch supply of Guangfeng supporting batteries, and the supporting batteries for Guangben will also be delivered soon. This means that the technical strength and product strength of AVIC Lithium Battery have been recognized by the world's leading OEMs.

The global electrification track has been opened, and the market dividend of China's power battery industry chain is accelerating the release. More head battery companies, represented by AVIC Lithium Battery, will rely on technology accumulation, customer structure reserves, and global layout to tap endogenous growth potential and continue to break through greater market possibilities.

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