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Cars will also be 'under blood supply'?

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

People often compare the engine to the 'heart' of a car.

Inhales oxygen and gasoline to drive the car body to output power. As the most important component of a car, long-term engine wear will also occur 'Insufficient blood supply' hair

Where is the source of engine wear? Why can't it be eliminated by lubricating oil alone? Take a look!


Cold start dry friction

When the car engine stops running for a long time, the lubricating oil on the friction interface will return to the lubricating oil tank. When the engine is started at this time, because the oil pump is too late to pump the lubricating oil to the lubricating parts, dry friction will occur in a short period of time, which will cause periodic lubrication loss, which will cause severe abnormal wear of the engine.


Corrosion and wear

After the engine is stopped, it is cooled from high temperature to low temperature. This temperature change process will cause water condensation inside the engine to accumulate water . This will cause serious metal corrosion to the engine, especially if the engine is restarted for short-distance driving, the temperature of the engine cannot evaporate the water vapor, and the situation is more serious.


Corrosion and wear

After the fuel is burned in the engine combustion chamber, many harmful substances will be produced. Generally, every 100 gallons of gasoline will produce 1-5 pounds when burning. Nitrogen and sulfuric acid, these substances not only cause corrosion to the cylinder, but also escape into the engine through the three piston rings, causing metal corrosion to the main parts of the engine, such as camshafts and crankshafts.


Strong wear caused by dust

The engine needs to inhale air when it is burning. Even the best air filter device, it is difficult to absolutely avoid dust. Air is drawn into the engine. The strong abrasion caused by the inhalation of dust cannot be completely eliminated by lubricating oil. Especially in the areas of my country with aridity, less rain and heavy sandstorm, the problem of strong abrasion will be more prominent.

Cars also have health knowledge, how to maintain the engine scientifically? Audi officially certified the maintenance project of used car remanufacturing machinery, adhering to the concept of 'repair instead of maintenance

Remanufacturing-Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical maintenance is a maintenance process for the technical performance of vehicles. It mainly deals with the vehicle engine and air intake system to restore the best technical state of the vehicle , Allowing users to get a driving experience similar to that of a new car.

Vehicles between 2-3 years old will have less engine performance than new cars. However, high-performance car owners are more sensitive to differences in technical performance, and engine wear will greatly affect their driving experience. The following three-point module projects can effectively maintain the engine:

1. Fuel system cleaning

Through special fuel system cleaning equipment and fuel system cleaning agent, the fuel system is sprayed The carbon deposits of the fuel nozzle, intake valve and combustion chamber are cleaned, and the water in the fuel system is removed by a special dewatering agent to protect the fuel system from corrosion

2. Air intake system cleaning< /p>

Through special intake system cleaning equipment and fuel intake system cleaning agent, the throttle valve, intake duct, intake valve, and combustion chamber in the fuel system are cleaned of carbon deposits.

3. Lubrication system maintenance

By using the cleaning products of the lubrication system, the sludge and metal debris inside the engine are cleaned; the lubrication system is used to protect the products and improve the anti-oxidation ability of the oil , Extend the service life of the engine; Use advanced engine repair agent to improve the running state of the engine and enhance the performance of the engine.

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