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Catering to the strategic shift, frequent personnel changes in car companies have been frequent since the beginning of the year

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

Since 2021, the news of personnel adjustments and high-level changes in auto companies has been constantly heard. For example, Toyota and Honda have announced personnel adjustments on a global scale starting in April. Among them, Mibe Toshihiro, the current head of Honda’s Ru0026D department, will be the president of Honda; China’s FAW and Dongfeng announced on February 25 that the leadership team will be adjusted. . And Foxconn, Baidu Automobile, Faraday Future and other new car companies are launching a 'grabbing war' for building a leadership team. In addition, more car companies have made internal job adjustments, such as Volkswagen (Anhui), which has officially entered the operation stage, and BYD, which has established a new business unit.

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