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Challenge the extreme cold! 2021 (the first) pickup truck ice and snow driving experience camp opens in Heihe

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

China Automotive News: On March 1, jointly sponsored by China, China Automotive Research and Heilongjiang Honghe Valley, and supported by Heihe Municipal People’s Government, China Automotive News, and China Automotive Journalists Association Cup 2021 (the first) Pickup Ice and Snow Driving Experience Camp' activity started at the Red River Valley test track in Heihe City.

In the Wo Niu Lake test base at minus 20 degrees, there are many popular cars from Zhengzhou Nissan’s Navarra, Rui Qi 6, and Xin Rui Qi, Great Wall Pickup’s Great Wall Cannon Cross-Country Pickup, Foton Pickup’s General Diesel pickup truck models were all unveiled.

Because of its location in the high-latitude and high-cold region, Heihe City has icy periods of 209 days throughout the year. Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign automotive vehicle and parts research and development work in the cold zone are concentrated here for local development. The test industry in cold regions has accumulated rich experience, and Heihe has also been dubbed the 'Cold Auto Test Capital of China'.

Different from most ice and snow test drives, this pickup ice and snow driving experience camp prepares professional driving control projects such as extreme cold tests, driving control training, ice racing competitions, and extreme performances.

At the same time, the experience camp organizing committee strengthened the concept of interaction on the basis of the traditional ice and snow test drive concept and content, and through a series of rich and professional activities, in-depth interaction between pickup truck companies, industry media, and car owners It provides a platform for communication and a stage to show the extremely cold performance of its own models.

It is not difficult to find that with the gradual improvement of the domestic pickup policy, after the Great Wall artillery 'successNowadays, the pickup trucks on the market are no longer limited to the production tools for loading cargo, but are constantly transforming towards multi-functional, passenger-oriented, and high-end.

For consumers, pickup trucks have gradually improved handling, comfort, off-road type, and multifunctional attributes that can be installed and pulled, making them a new choice for family car purchases. With the gradual liberalization of domestic pickup truck restrictions, I believe that for pickup trucks, there is a lot to do in the future.

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