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Changan Ford's product strength continues to be upgraded in response to the needs of the 'Z era'

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

China Car News, March 23rd, for the younger generation of Z, a car that is a favorite, in addition to a personality and dynamic appearance and smart and fun black technology, surging power and excellent driving control Experience is also essential. So what is Gen Z? They have the courage to challenge, dared to break through conventions, break through the constraints, and like to pay for their interests... They have become the “main force” of consumption in the auto market.

The demand for 'back wave' is also the pursuit of Changan Ford. The century-old Ford's excellent performance genes have strongly empowered Changan Ford's products, especially since the launch of the 'Acceleration Plan' in 2019, Changan Ford's product strength has continued to upgrade, bringing consumers a performance experience beyond the same level.

Endorsed by the 'Ward Top TenRelying on century-old Ford's leading technology, Changan Ford has extensively equipped its products with the EcoBoost series of engines, which can be said to be a frequent visitor to the 'Ward Top Ten'. Taking Ruiji as an example, the whole series of Ruiji are equipped with the golden power combination of 'fourth generation EcoBoost 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine + refined new generation 8ATAcceleration to 100 kilometers in 7.5 seconds, and in the latter part of the acceleration, there is still sufficient torque reserve to bring it a smoother power experience and a steady stream of power output.

The self-cultivation of 'precise control' means 'where to hit'. Of course, if a car has only power but no control, it is just a travel tool for 'Made SoulIt is a pair of 'chosen partners' with the surging power of strong muscles. And if you want to have the ultimate control experience, lightweight can be said to be one of the core points that cannot be avoided.

For the pursuit of lightweight, Changan Ford has spared no effort. Changan Ford has extensively equipped its products with aluminum alloy suspensions, which greatly reduces the unsprung weight and enhances the control experience. For example: the new sixth-generation Ford Explorer is equipped with a forged aluminum alloy lower arm, which reduces the unsprung mass by about 53.8% compared to the cast iron material, guarantees better steering accuracy, and gives the forward longitudinal engine and tires more The large space increases driving control by 20%, provides high-end sports control with precise pointing, and achieves a 5.9-meter turning radius comparable to that of luxury cars.

With the maturity of China's automobile consumer culture, the attributes of automobiles have gradually evolved from daily transportation to travel companions that carry poetry and distant places. Because of this, in the eyes of Generation Z, excellent driving performance has become one of their core attributes. Changan Ford, which inherits excellent performance genes, has brought consumers a performance experience that surpasses the same level. Coupled with the sincere price, it is natural to be favored by young people.

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