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Changan may push high-end smart brand 'Guangyu' or Jianzhi Model Y

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

Changan Weilai New Energy Co., Ltd.’s previous actions regarding new products were discovered, which can be found on the China Trademark Website of the State Intellectual Property Office. Chang’an Weilai used it on September 29, 2019 and October 29, 2020. Japan has registered two trademarks, 'Guang Yu' and '光 Yu Xinba

As early as 2017, Changan Automobile and Weilai signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai, said that the two parties will establish a joint venture and develop new products. In 2018, Changan Automobile and Weilai Automobile jointly established a joint venture company, Changan Weilai New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. Since then, the cooperation between the two parties has been slow to make progress. In 2020, Changan Automobile will increase its investment in Changan Weilai through cash capital increase and other methods. After the capital increase is completed, Changan Automobile will hold a total of 95.38% of Changan Weilai’s equity, while Weilai only holds 4.62%. It is not difficult to see so far. In the relationship between the two, Weilai Automobile retreated significantly, and Changan Automobile gradually took over.

Some people in the industry said that Weilai Automobile may completely withdraw from Changan Weilai. Huawei, CATL and Tencent may join hands to invest in shares, and then cooperate with Changan Automobile to build Changan's high-end smart brand. It is reported that Changan’s first high-end electric car is internally code-named 'E11'. The new car is built on the EMP2 platform and is expected to be positioned as a medium-sized pure electric SUV. Competitors will lock in to models such as Weilai ES6 and Tesla Model Y. It is expected to be as early as 2021. Launched at the end of the year.

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