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Continue to enrich the details to analyze the 2021 Giulia and Stelvio

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05

The highly personalized luxury brand Alfa Romeo has launched its new entry-level luxury mid-size sedan and SUV models-2021 Giulia and Stelvio, adding new body colors and wheels, and continuing to enrich the details.

Giulia and Stelvio each have two models, priced from 379,800 to 499,800 yuan. The length, width and height of the 2021 Giulia: 4643*1860*1438mm, wheelbase 2820mm, positioned as a medium-sized car. The length, width and height of the 2021 Stelvio: 4686*1903*1693mm, wheelbase 2818mm, positioned as a medium-sized SUV. All provide a three-year unlimited kilometers warranty.

This 'angry bird' design is very flattering and very personalized. The overall design of Giulia is smooth and natural, without any lengthening design, and the control is even better.

The interior continues this kind of personalization, but the sense of grade is average, the refinement is so-so, the steering wheel is very functional, with a sporty driving mode.

Giulia has added three 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels to choose from, taking into account sports and fashion.

The longitudinal layout of the nacelle is very full. The 2.0T engine with a single overhead camshaft can output 206kW/400N.m. It has an absolute power advantage at this level and is matched with an 8AT gearbox.

Personalized design comes to Stelvio, it looks more heavy, and the styling design is still smooth.

The interior is similar in style to the Giulia, highlighting the SUV's spaciousness and general sense of technology.

Stelvio has added two optional 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels, which are more powerful and sporty.

At the same time, the two new cars have added three body colors, which are more personalized.

All adopt the front double wishbone + rear multi-link suspension structure, the authentic control structure design, the use of a large number of aluminum alloy connecting rods, the chassis is flat, and the heat insulation measures are in place.

The configuration performance is quite satisfactory, and the 280 horsepower is relatively strong.


Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio are positioned as entry-level luxury mid-size sedans and SUVs, with great power, good handling, and a general sense of refinement and class. The styling design and naming are more individual, the appearance is easy to be remembered, but the car name is difficult to remember.

The new models further deepen this personalization and are also a way to increase influence.

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