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Electric vehicle consumption intentions in Europe and America increase, subsidies become a direct driving force

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

Economic Daily-China Economic Net Comprehensive Foreign News Report A survey showed that consumers in the United States and Europe are more and more interested in purchasing pure electric vehicles, but they are still concerned about the price of electric vehicles and emphasize the need for government subsidies In order to achieve the sales and environmental protection goals of electric vehicles.

OCu0026C Strategic Consulting Company’s annual survey report pointed out that the company surveyed more than 7,500 global consumers from December last year to January this year, and the proportion of consumers interested in buying pure electric vehicles has risen sharply. Felicity Racham, the lead author of the research project, said that the research did not receive external funding.

The survey shows that in the UK, France and Italy, more than half of consumers said they would consider buying a pure electric car, while in Germany and the US, nearly half of the respondents also said they would do so, which is higher than last year. There has been a significant increase. Especially in the United Kingdom and the United States, consumers' willingness to buy pure electric vehicles has increased by 81% and 61%, respectively.

The change in consumer attitudes occurred during a critical period in the automotive industry. At present, in order to comply with stricter carbon dioxide emission targets and catch up with Tesla, which has already occupied the electric vehicle market, auto companies are launching more and more pure electric vehicles.

However, consumers are still cautious about the price of pure electric vehicles because they are usually more expensive than gasoline vehicles. The survey shows that compared with last year, although people's concerns about the range and charging infrastructure of electric vehicles have decreased, the total cost is the biggest obstacle for consumers to consider purchasing pure electric vehicles.

In the survey, 69% of potential consumers of electric vehicles bluntly stated that they would not pay more than US$500 in insurance premiums than gasoline vehicles. However, without government subsidies, this situation is unlikely.

In fact, in countries where purchase incentives have been introduced, sales of electric vehicles have grown faster. At present, European countries have introduced some incentives; the US government is also focusing on increasing the number of electric vehicles and infrastructure, and plans to provide 100 billion US dollars in electric vehicle subsidies and 15 billion US dollars to build 500,000 charging stations.

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