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Equipped with dual overhead camshaft V8 engine Corvette Z06 latest spy photos exposed

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

A few days ago, we obtained a set of latest spy photos of Corvette Z06 from foreign media. According to the information we obtained from foreign media, the new car has now entered the final testing stage and is expected to be officially released in July this year.

The new car has now entered the final test stage of development. According to the currently known information, the specifications of the new car’s rear tires may be 345/25, while the front tires are 275/25, such a wide tire is expected to provide a good grip for the new car. Combined with the news we obtained from foreign media channels, Corvette Z06 may be unveiled before July this year.

The new car will adopt a central four-exhaust layout, which looks very combative. It is reported that Corvette Z06 will be equipped with a dual overhead camshaft V8 engine. Although it is a naturally aspirated engine, it will be closely related to Cadillac's 4.2-liter Blackwing engine, with a maximum output of 617 horsepower. For more information about the new car, we will continue to follow reports.

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