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Eyesight Technologies changes its name to Cipia

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

Eyesight Technologies, a leading supplier of in-cabin computer vision artificial intelligence solutions for the automotive industry, announced that its company name has been changed to Cipia. With Cipia’s unique market position, the company has chosen a new name for the future advanced driver monitoring system (DMS) and the emerging occupant monitoring system (OMS) market to support its vision for the future automotive experience, namely By understanding the behavior and activities of drivers and passengers, artificial intelligence solutions can be introduced to improve safety and the overall car experience.

(Image source: Cipia )

The name Cipia comes from the occipital lobe in the human brain, through which humans analyze vision. The occipital lobe 'transforms' what we see into an understanding of the surrounding environment, and the name 'Cipia' was born to reflect the company's vision and intelligent sensing capabilities. At the beginning of its birth, Cipia focused on classic computer vision technology, but now it is developing technology based on neural networks and continuously evolving algorithms to manage and understand the environment. The new name of Cipia is not just a change in the company name. It also represents the hope for the future and pays tribute to the company's rich past.

In 2018, in order to meet the increasing demand and emerging market demand, Cipia relied on its computer vision AI expertise to shift its business focus to the automotive cabin sensing market. The company combines advanced computer vision artificial intelligence and meta-analysis to enable Cipia to create and develop artificial intelligence-based solutions that can not only observe the driver, but also understand the status of the driver and members of the car.

Cipia CEO David Tolub said: 'We are constantly expanding the boundaries of computer vision artificial intelligence technology and providing customers with the most advanced solutions. Our technology is constantly evolving, from neural networks and human brains. We believe that the company’s name must include the breadth and richness of the corporate journey. We look forward to continuing cooperation with partners to provide the most advanced solutions for the car driving experience.'

On December 7, the company announced the start of the production of Driver Sense for a new model of a Chinese OEM manufacturer. It is expected that the first vehicles equipped with this technology will be on the road later this month.

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