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GAC Acura's lineup at the Shanghai Auto Show was exposed, and two new models were released

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

China Automotive News, April 12th, the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition will officially kick off on April 19, 2021. GAC Acura will take part in the high-energy exhibition under the theme of 'Persevere in Self-Cultivation of Differences'. In addition to the all-star exhibition lineup, there are three areas where you can directly experience the performance technology of GAC Acura. At this auto show, GAC Acura will also create the first 'Owner's Day' event. The scene is full of excitement and surprises.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, GAC Acura will exhibit the high-end hybrid SUV CDX A-Spec Sports Hybrid, CDX A-Spec Sports, and RDX A-Spec Sports. Out; all-weather flying SUV RDX, high-performance sports luxury SUV CDX team debut; CDX exclusive smart security version, CDX exclusive · A-Spec smart security sports models are renewed. In addition, the RDX A-Spec sports model exhibited this time will adopt the matte gray color that has already shined before. This color is a rare mass-produced car color of the same level, demonstrating youth, sports and personality.

As the two models to be exhibited for the first time, the CDX Premium Smart Security Edition and the CDX Premium·A-Spec Smart Security Sports Model are all equipped with the Acura Watch™ forward-looking future intelligent security system. The configuration will be forward-looking technology. Safe and escort for consumers to travel. These two models will be on sale on April 17, which means that young users' demand for Acura's smart technology will be further satisfied.

In addition to the product lineup with both performance and technology, at the Shanghai Auto Show, guests can also experience the performance technology of GAC Acura directly at the booth. Combining the six-axis dynamic platform technology and the surrounding screen experience device will allow guests to experience the extraordinary driving pleasure of the SH-AWD® super four-wheel drive system, Acura Watch™ and other black technology configurations in the driving in the black technology experience zone. In the Acura ELS audio experience area, guests can experience the ELS Studio® hall-level audio system personally tuned by Grammy music masters. The sound of the sky is approaching, and guests can enjoy a breathtaking listening wonderland. In the 10AT technology exhibition area, the world's first horizontal 10AT transmission, which is ultra-small, ultra-light, and ultra-smooth, will be displayed in kind in the 10AT technology exhibition area, supplemented by professional explanation videos, and detailed explanations of the extraordinary black technology will be released soon.

At this auto show, guests can not only feel the 'thickness' of technological accumulation, but also the 'temperature' of brand care. Relying on the 'user-centered' marketing strategy, GAC Acura will launch a creative 'Car Owner's Day' in this car, bringing users a customized and exclusive exhibition experience.

On April 21st Car Owner’s Day, GAC Acura will provide car owners and their friends with exclusive salons. Car owners and friends can not only talk about the story behind the brand with brand instructors, but also decrypt the technical accumulation behind the performance. Get Acura Lady one-on-one customized exclusive viewing privileges, as well as exclusive customized paintings created on-site by well-known illustrators, and there are more exciting activities to participate in.

GAC Acura’s “Owner’s Day” recruitment campaign is now open. Car owners can learn how to participate through GAC Acura’s official Shuangwei and e-BUTLER App before April 13. Registered car owners not only have the opportunity to share with their friends Exclusive courtesy on Owner’s Day, there is also the opportunity to collect a large number of gifts in the bag. This car owners' day is not only a customized exclusive viewing courtesy for car owners, but also an exclusive party for communication and linkage between car owners, guests and brands. More exciting, stay tuned!

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