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Gasoline pump failure

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

The function of the gasoline pump is to suck gasoline from the fuel tank, and press it into the float chamber of the carburetor through the pipeline and the gasoline filter. It is precisely because of the gasoline pump that the gasoline tank can be placed at the rear of the car away from the engine and below the engine.

According to the different driving methods, gasoline pumps can be divided into two types: mechanical driving diaphragm type and electric driving type.

Diaphragm gasoline pump is a representative of mechanical gasoline pump. It is used in carburetor engine and is generally driven by the eccentric wheel on the camshaft. Diaphragm gasoline pumps are characterized by simple structure, but due to the thermal influence of the engine, special attention should be paid to ensuring the pumping performance at high temperatures and the durability of the rubber diaphragm against heat and oil.

The maximum fuel supply of a general gasoline pump is 2.5 to 3.5 times larger than the maximum fuel consumption of a gasoline engine. When the pump oil volume is greater than the fuel consumption and the needle valve of the carburetor float chamber is closed, the pressure in the oil pump outlet pipeline increases, which is reflected in the oil pump, which shortens the diaphragm stroke or stops working.

The electric gasoline pump does not rely on the camshaft to drive, but relies on electromagnetic force to repeatedly suck the pump membrane. This kind of electric pump can freely choose the installation position and can prevent the phenomenon of air lock.

There are two main installation types of electric gasoline pumps used in gasoline injection engines, which are installed in the fuel supply pipeline or in the gasoline tank. The former has a large layout range, does not require a special design of a gasoline tank, and is easy to install and remove. However, the oil pump has a long suction section, which is prone to air resistance and high working noise. In addition, it is required that the oil pump must not leak. This type is rarely used in current new vehicles. The latter has simple fuel pipelines, low noise, and low requirements for multiple fuel leakage, which is the current main trend.

During work, in addition to providing the consumption required for engine operation, the flow of the gasoline pump should also ensure sufficient return flow to ensure stable pressure and adequate cooling of the fuel system.

Fault phenomenon of gasoline pump:

1. The engine fault light is on.

2. Abnormal engine shaking.

3. Abnormal noise, buzzing sound when driving.

4. The acceleration is weak, and there will be azole car phenomenon when refueling.

5. It is not easy to start when starting, it takes a long time to press the key.

Summary: The above is an introduction to the malfunction of the gasoline pump, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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