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Great Wall issued an announcement in response to the Haval H6 airbag did not explode in the collision test

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

China Automotive News, December 25, according to China Automotive News, the recent third-generation Haval H6 in the C-NCAP side impact test abnormalities caused concern, of which the public is most concerned about the side impact test , Why didn’t the Haval H6 airbag burst open?

To this, Great Wall Motors today issued an official response to the 'Announcement on the Third Generation Haval H6 Side Impact Test'.

In response, Great Wall Motor stated that “in order to allow users to use cars with confidence, qualified testing agencies across the country will be welcome to sample the third-generation Haval H6 from the market for collisions to verify the safety of the products. The collisions will be disclosed immediately. Media and users are also welcome to supervise the entire process, and will also conduct a global live broadcast of each collision test.'

It can be seen that Great Wall Motor is still very confident in the quality of its products, and the timely official response has also resolved many consumers' concerns.

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