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Great Wall Motor Coffee Smart Drive is equipped with all-solid-state lidar

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

China Car News, March 15th, 'Never-Stop Brain-The Ecological Conception Behind Coffee Smart Driving' themed salon was officially held in Beijing on March 10.

Cheng Bo, Dean of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhang Kai, Chief of Intelligent Driving of Great Wall Motors and Chairman of Haomo Zhixing, Zhen Longbao, Chief Delivery Officer of Great Wall Motors Intelligent Driving and Chief Delivery Officer of Haomo Zhixing, and Hou Jun, COO of Haomo Zhixing Participate in this salon to discuss in depth the development trend of intelligent driving, and clearly present the hard-core strength and future layout of coffee intelligent driving.

Themed salon of 'Never-Stop Brain-The Ecological Conception Behind Coffee Smart Driving'

Leading the era of intelligent driving and rewriting the future of travel

At the moment when the smart wave is coming, the auto industry is receiving a new baptism, which will promote a new revolution in the auto industry. After the revolution, the car will completely break away from the attributes of transportation tools and evolve into a smart travel mobile space.

Faced with new changes, Great Wall Motors has set foot in the rhythm of the times, laid out the smart travel market in advance, and quickly and efficiently launched smart driving with coffee, successfully pushing smart driving on a new journey.

At the salon site, four guests conducted an in-depth analysis of the century-old automobile industry ushering in the great technological change of the environment, imagined the future of smart travel, and deeply demonstrated the smart driving ecological concept behind the coffee smart driving. During the exchange, Zhang Kai revealed: 'The automotive industry is making disruptive innovations based on intelligent driving. In the next ten years, if you miss intelligent travel tools, you will miss an era. With the gradual evolution of intelligent driving technology, cars will eventually It will become the form of'four wheels + supercomputer'.'

Zhang Kai, head of Great Wall Motors intelligent driving and chairman of Haomo Zhixing

Cheng Bo also believes that intelligent driving has become the general trend of industry change, and pointed out that the entire industry is currently in a huge transformation period. Automobile, transportation, and ICT are three trillion-level industries colliding. For car companies The biggest temptation and driving force of the transformation is to find a business model to survive, and the development of the intelligent driving industry requires the verification of technology and business model in parallel.

Cheng Bo, Dean of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University

The era of smart cars is just around the corner. With its deep accumulation in the field of smart driving, Great Wall Motors will make all-out efforts to achieve the vision of human travel. At a time when opportunities and challenges coexist, Great Wall Motors actively explores the direction of innovation. The launch of the core achievement of its intelligent driving technology, Coffee Smart Drive, has become one of the key elements for Great Wall Motors to become a global technology travel company.

Full scene coverage to build a new ecology of intelligent driving

Great Wall Motors Coffee Smart Driving integrates global wisdom, bringing industry-leading six redundant, full-scenario intelligent driving systems, and will realize China's first intelligent driving with L4 composite scene capabilities in 2022 . Hou Jun said: 'Intelligent driving can realize a free life in the future. This is not only a third space, but also a huge change in everyone's lifestyle choices.'

Haomo Zhixing COO Hou Jun

Great Wall Motor is committed to building a benign ecology in the field of intelligent driving. In addition to promoting rapid technological breakthroughs, Great Wall Motors accelerates the commercial application of intelligent driving with its huge sales volume and advantages of scale. Coffee Smart Drive China is the first to be equipped with an all-solid-state lidar, which has become a solid foundation for the realization of the '331' strategy of 'user scale first, user experience first, and scene coverage first'.

CIO Zhen Longbao, Chief Delivery Officer of Great Wall Motors Intelligent Driving and Chief Delivery Officer of Haomo Zhixing

While actively exploring the business model of intelligent driving, Great Wall Motors insists on focusing on users. Great Wall Motors Coffee Intelligence uses the 'three-intelligence' concept that integrates intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and intelligent services, and practically implements intelligent driving technology to create a smarter and more comfortable travel experience for users. Zhen Longbao said: 'Intelligent driving is the improvement of ability. When the real intelligent driving is implemented, it will create full links to the user's usage scenarios, so that people and the car can trust each other more.'

Faced with the wave of technological revolution, Great Wall Motors continues to deepen the research and development of core technologies. With its outstanding technical strength, Café Zhijia demonstrates to the world the determination of Chinese brands to build a new ecosystem of intelligent driving and further changes the pattern of the global intelligent automobile industry .

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