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Great Wall Motor Hao Mo Zhi Xing Receives Hundreds of Millions in Pre-A Round of Venture Capital Financing

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

China Automotive News, February 26th. Today, the 'rookie' of autonomous driving, Great Wall Motor Haomo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd., has just completed the Pre-A round of financing. According to China Automotive News, this round of financing was led by Shougang Fund, followed by Meituan and Hillhouse Ventures, with an amount of several hundred million yuan.

Haomo Zhixing's predecessor was Great Wall Motors Intelligent Driving Department, thanks to the fact that the core team of Haomo Zhixing has a lot of Great Wall Motor technical talents, and Haomo Zhixing also recruited Internet and artificial intelligence expert teams. In the end, the genes of the two types of talents converge in Haomo Zhixing, making Haomo Zhixing not only pay attention to data value, product iteration closed loop and user experience, but also have the ability of traditional automotive industry chain coordination, quality management and cost control, which greatly accelerates its development. .

After two years of development, Hao Mo Zhi Xing's business scope has included passenger car automatic driving systems and enterprise logistics vehicle automatic driving solutions, and it has formed a dual product line strategy for the passenger car and low-speed terminal logistics markets. . In the path of realizing autonomous driving, Haomo Zhixing has practiced the pragmatic style of traditional auto companies, choosing a 'step by step' strategy-from L1 to L5, and gradually realize the leap of each level in autonomous driving, and rapidly expand its own market scale. Gradually improve the level of intelligence of automotive products.

Technology and intelligence need to be implemented, and smart driving needs a carrier. In terms of industrial implementation, Haomo Zhixing proposes a 'windmill strategy': layout from three directions: passenger cars, low-speed logistics vehicles and intelligent hardware. Continuously collect scene data through these three directions to produce better products and achieve a virtuous circle. Different from the 'one step in place' of the Waymo model, they take a steady and steady path to gradually achieve each level of leaping in autonomous driving.

It is worth noting that Haomo Zhixing’s product small magic box for passenger car autonomous driving will be officially launched on the market this year. This will be the first domestic autonomous driving product with L3 product capability, mass-produced lidar, and NOH capability. It will reach the leading domestic autonomous driving level in terms of system safety, product experience, and autonomous driving scenario coverage. In addition, Haomo Zhixing's positioning in the field of low-speed unmanned vehicles is a booster in the low-speed unmanned vehicle industry. Its low-speed vehicle products 'Little Magic Disk' and 'Little Magic Camel' have begun operations in multiple scenarios. This business line is in It has an internal service system called '5S.

Actually, the current autonomous driving industry mainly has three development models: one is the technology company model represented by Google Waymo, which takes the Robotaxi route in one step; the other is represented by Tesla. Electric vehicle manufacturers independently develop self-driving technology, self-produced and self-sold business models; the third is a stable model that is generally optimistic about the industry. The model of cooperation between OEMs and self-driving teams represented by General Motors Cruise. It is a typical representative of this model in China. Each of these three models has value, but to do autonomous driving in China, it naturally needs to be bound with the OEM. This not only means the advantages of industrial chain coordination, quality management, cost control, and automatic driving data volume, but also rapid A model to achieve industrialization.

Haomo Zhixing has well inherited the gene of Great Wall Motor's 'extreme price-performance ratioIn addition, it also has Internet thinking attributes that value data value, product iteration and user experience. With the “blessing” of a professional investment team and top experts in the industry, we have reason to believe that in the automated driving battlefield where the crowds are competing, a steady and steady end of wisdom Will become a pathfinder and leader in China's autonomous driving field.

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