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IIHS Announces Crash Test Results of Four New Energy Vehicles

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technical News Channel] The American Road Safety Association (IIHS) recently announced the crash test results of four new energy vehicles. The four test models are Chevrolet Volanda and Toyota Prius plug-in version. , BMW i3, Tesla Modle S. The results were unexpected, with Tesla Modle S having the worst results and Chevrolet Volanda the best.

   In order of performance, they are Chevrolet Volanda, Toyota Prius plug-in version, BMW i3, Tesla Modle S, Chevrolet Volanda, Toyota Prius plug-in version Both are the preferred recommended models of IIHS, and the Tesla Modle S received a Poor evaluation in the light test.

   Chevrolet Volanda and Toyota Prius plug-in versions performed well in crash tests, whether it was a 25% small-scale offset collision or a 40% offset collision, side collision Both have achieved Good results. The difference between the two is that the light test results of the Toyota Prius plug-in version are slightly worse than that of the Chevrolet Volanda, because the optional high beam assist system can automatically switch the far and low beams. , And the Volanda lighting test results without the optional high beam assist system are the same as the Prius plug-in version. Acceptable

  BMW i3 deduction points The point is the seat/head restraint protection. In a rear-end collision, the neck is not fully protected and may cause pain. The i3's other crash test results are excellent.

   Tesla Modle S is the worst performance among the four cars. In a 25% small-range offset collision, despite the extended side curtain protection, it is safe The belt allows the dummy to move forward too much, and the dummy’s head may hit the steering wheel. In a real collision, this may cause damage to the head and right calf. Therefore, Tesla has only achieved a satisfactory result in this performance. Accept rather than excellent. However, Tesla said that the Tesla Modle S produced after January 23, 2017 has been optimized to solve the problem that 25% of collisions may cause head injuries.

   In addition, Modle S’s headlights received poor evaluations in the light test, and although Modle S has a pre-crash system, Tesla has not yet activated it, so there is no Get extra points for active safety systems. (Photo/Text: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Du Qingwei)


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