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In addition to ID electric vehicles, the Volkswagen MEB platform can also be used to build yachts

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

You may not have thought that the electric vehicle platform of car companies can not only build cars, but can even be used to build ships. Recently, foreign media broke the news that Volkswagen will cooperate with Austrian shipbuilder Silent Yachts to build a zero-emission catamaran yacht, which will utilize the relevant technology of Volkswagen’s MEB electric vehicle platform.

It is reported that this new ship will use Volkswagen’s MEB platform’s battery packs, motors and inverters and other related electric drive system technologies. A yacht will be equipped with up to six battery packs, bringing a power output of 500 kilowatts. At the same time, the new ship will use a solar panel roof with a maximum cruising range of approximately 160 kilometers.

In fact, Volkswagen’s MEB platform is not just a traditional car platform, but a modular system of a series of electric drive technologies such as motors and electronic control systems.

Therefore, Volkswagen can produce a variety of electric vehicles for its various brands and other brands. We can find from the current ID family electric vehicles that they share a lot of the same technology and parts.

Silent Yachts said that the use of Volkswagen’s MEB electric vehicle platform electric drive technology will be able to effectively control costs, combined with its developed photovoltaic technology, this solar-powered new energy catamaran yacht is compared with traditional fuel-powered Yachts are quieter and more environmentally friendly during operation.

The first MEB-based Silent 50 yacht will be put into production in 2022. In four years, Silent-Yachts expects to produce at least 50 new ships each year.

Volkswagen revealed that this set of solutions will be promoted to more partners in the future, and strive to achieve zero emissions in more areas.

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