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Infiniti's new QX55 will debut in China, QX60 will soon be made in China

by:Yisheng      2021-06-06
China Automotive News Network News At this Shanghai Auto Show, Infiniti’s latest masterpiece, the all-new QX55, ushered in its debut in China, giving an artistic interpretation with its eye-catching appearance and tense design. At the same time, Infiniti announced that the new QX60 will soon be made in China.

'The new QX55 opens a new chapter for Infiniti in this key market in China.' Infiniti Global President Peyman Kargar (Peyman Kargar) said, 'The new QX55 brings you an immortal classic design. We are very honored It can bring this product to the Chinese market.' The new QX55 inherits the design essence of the family's 'breakthrough aesthetics'. While re-engraving the FX outline and inheriting the classics of the times, it innovates and integrates modern styles, deeply interprets the brand's breakthrough spirit, and achieves elegance, The perfect combination of the three elements of movement and strength.

The iconic double-arched air intake grille on the front face of the car body is highly recognizable. It is placed on the front bumper full of sculptural feeling, and the full LED headlights that match the human eye shape make every appearance full of aura. . The design of the mesh part of the air intake grille is inspired by Japanese origami art. Just like folding paper to create a three-dimensional structure, the three-dimensional geometric pattern creates a more profound visual tension. Viewed from the side, the sharp lines outline the dynamic body of the new QX55, achieving a clean and tidy profile. The wide electric tailgate and digital piano key taillights at the rear of the body not only greatly improve the recognition, but also inject unique elegance into the new QX55.

As Mr. Mao Limin, general manager of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of Infiniti China, said: 'It is Infiniti's unswerving pursuit to interpret the real world with an artistic vision. As Infiniti's innovative work, the new QX55 pays tribute to the classics. At the same time, it interprets the brand’s breakthrough spirit and will explore new possibilities in the field of luxury coupe SUVs.' The stunning debut of the new QX55 allows people to see a brand new Infiniti, which not only carries the classics and glory of the past, but also Standing on a new starting point, through continuous exploration of new heights of aesthetics, leading the new fashion in the field of automotive design.

Mr. Zhenghao Gao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd. said: 'Faced with the changes in the automotive market and the consumption upgrade, Infiniti will seize the opportunity, accelerate its deployment, and continue to deepen the Chinese market. In terms of product creation, Infiniti has always been committed to From meeting user needs to leading customer needs. It is foreseeable that Infiniti is about to usher in an exciting transformation of charm.'

Since entering the Chinese market, Infiniti has taken it as its responsibility to build models that meet the tastes of Chinese users, and has brought many unique products to the market. Throughout the process of localization, user-centeredness runs through the development of Infiniti. With the advent of the consumption upgrade wave, more and more users want to have a high-quality car that understands them better. Infiniti focuses on listening to Chinese users and fully understands their expectations for luxury driving experience. In this context, the new QX60 is about to emerge and follow the trend. It is worth mentioning that this model will be manufactured in China, and it is a luxury model that is more in line with the aesthetics and car habits of Chinese users.
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