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Interpretation of the 2015 Corvette Z06 Anatomy Car: violent and delicate

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

   [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Channel] A new generation of Chevrolet Corvette Z06 made a high-profile debut at this year's North American Auto Show. In addition to the entire car, the official also released a 'cut' version of the Z06 body. Regardless of its glamorous appearance, what kind of posture will Z06 present before us? From a technical perspective, what are the advantages under the provocative skin? This article will talk to you.

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  Z06 engine is a 6.2L supercharged V8 engine with a maximum power of 466 kW (634PS) and a maximum torque of 860Nm. It is equipped with a 7MT or 6AT gearbox and has a maximum speed of 320km/h. The supercharger is a 1.7L Eaton turbocharger. In order to quickly cool down such a high-power engine, the engine water-cooled radiator is arranged obliquely at a certain angle, which is beneficial to increase the contact area between the air and the radiator. In addition, the engine air intake is arranged on the side of the passenger cabin, and you can see that the air filter element and the front seat belt fastening device are next to each other.

   Looking at the Z06 overall body-in-white layout from the side. The V8 engine, code-named LT4, is arranged quite low. This height is even lower than the front wheel command height. You should have guessed the purpose of the designer-to reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle as much as possible, which is good for turning and overtaking vehicles. Time is profitable and harmless.

   In addition, the Z06 frame is a lightweight aluminum frame with an outer frame made of composite materials. The aluminum frame is not easy to deform when the vehicle collides, and it has a certain positive effect on protecting the safety of passengers. The chassis also adopts a lightweight design under the premise of ensuring enough roughness and toughness. The chassis design of the Z06 is essentially the same as the chassis of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7.

   The left and right front brake discs of Z06 have brake grooves to force air into the grooves from the underside of the car to cool the brake discs. The front wheel of the Z06 anatomical version we saw at this auto show is equipped with an optional ceramic brake caliper package, composed of six aluminum pistons, and the braking strength and braking efficiency are quite high. The front brake disc is 15.5 inches in diameter, and the front tire parameters are 285/30ZR19.

   The standard rear wheel brake disc is composed of two steel discs with a diameter of 15.3 inches. The matching brake caliper consists of two aluminum pistons. At first glance, the braking effect of the rear wheels does not seem to be stronger than that of the front wheels. However, with the rear tire parameters 335/25ZR20, it can be imagined that the vehicle is in a forward dive attitude when it is static. .

   There are two points of concern near the left front bumper: First, there is a trapezoid-like guide rail under the bumper, which can jump up and down along the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. The role is to protect the chassis and the bottom of the engine from collision, especially for the Z06 ultra-low center of gravity engine, this is particularly important. Second, the plastic inverted groove integrated into the front bumper functions to guide cold air to the vicinity of the engine radiator.

  The Z06 front suspension is a double wishbone suspension (Chevrolet calls it Short/Long Arm, or SLA suspension), and the shock absorber is a magnetorheological shock absorber. You can also see the anti-roll bar, shock-absorbing spring (not obvious) from the picture.

  The A-pillar is made of aluminum alloy. It can be seen that many small parts are welded into it. This can reduce the stress on the connection part. influences. You can also see the bracket used to fix the total piston of the brake system from the picture. A dry sump lubrication system oil tank is arranged behind the right front wheel.

After the    passenger compartment floor is cut, it can be seen that the vehicle drive shaft is made of carbon fiber, and there are two exhaust pipes under the drive shaft. The Z06 battery pack is arranged on the right rear of the vehicle. After the two exhaust pipes come out, it becomes four. The exhaust part is composed of four pipes. There is a baffle on the outside of the end of the exhaust pipe to control the gas flow.

   Summary: According to the above description, this seemingly rough and wild machine also has unknown delicacy, like radiator and exhaust pipe. Selection of layout, body material, power system material, etc. This sexy stunner from the Corvette C7 has surpassed some of the current mainstream competitors in terms of appearance and power performance.

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