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It's outrageous! This Toyota Corolla actually has 300 horsepower

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

Speaking of small steel guns, the first things we think of are Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic TYPE R. Recently, Toyota Gazoo Racing has released an official image of a GR Corolla. Based on the American Corolla hatchback, it will have more than The power data of 300 horsepower is expected to be released next year.

Like the previously released GR YARiS (GR Yaris), this GR Corolla is equipped with a 1.6T inline three-cylinder Engine, dual injection, VVTi, and water cooling are all basic operations. On the Yaris, this engine can output a maximum power of 192kW at 6500rpm and a peak torque of 360Nm/3000-4600rpm, reaching the level of the mainstream 2.0T engine. According to official reports, after further upgrades, the maximum power of this engine will be increased to 220kW (300Ps).

As a high-performance engine built by the GR department, it includes high-strength connecting rods, hydraulic lash adjusters, lightweight pistons, and camshafts (Slightly concave in radius) and exclusive accessories such as high-energy ignition coils are used in this engine. In addition, thanks to the inline three-cylinder system, the engine has a more compact structure and lighter weight, and the phenomenon of exhaust interference is also weaker than that of a four-cylinder engine. With the inverted layout, it is easier to pull high and increase power. response.

Toyota GR: 1.6T+6MT+4WD

In the transmission system, the new car will be equipped with 6 Speed u200bu200bmanual transmission, with GR-FOUR full-time four-wheel drive system and front/rear limited slip differential, there are three driving modes. In the tracking mode, the front and rear axles are equally distributed, which is suitable for rain, snow or muddy roads; in the sport mode, the front and rear power distribution ratio is 30:70, which is used for intense driving; in the standard mode, the front drive will get 60% of the power distribution, which emphasizes economy Sex.

As for the appearance, the new car continues the appearance design of the hatchback Corolla, and the black under-enclosure makes the whole car look 'lower'. The front grille has been further enlarged to obtain better air intake and heat dissipation effects. In addition, the larger black wheels and independent rear fins also fully highlight its distinctive product positioning.

As a small steel gun that has been officially modified, this GR Corolla will be mainly based on Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic TYPE R, etc. are competitors, and stronger power data and four-wheel drive system are its core competitiveness. Foreign media revealed that the price of the new car is about 4 million yen (approximately RMB 240,600).

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