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SABIC new materials help Chery eQ1 car tailgate to reduce weight by 40%

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] With plastics manufacturer Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) engineering polyolefin materials, Chinese car manufacturer Chery successfully made the weight of the internal structure of the newly launched eQ1 electric vehicle tailgate panel Reduced by 40%.

   SABIC’s STAMAX™ resin is long glass fiber filled polypropylene (LGFPP). Compared with steel, this low-density material can reduce the weight of the inner tailgate while achieving the required rigidity.

   In addition to providing materials, SABIC also supports Chery's development team through computer-aided engineering analysis to help it accurately predict and optimize component performance.

  SABIC’s global head of automotive business, Scott Fallon, said: “This is Chery’s first tailgate made entirely of plastic, and it is also the first plastic tailgate of a domestic car company. We are very pleased to contribute to its mass production, and also thank Chery and its Tier 1 supplier Wuhu Hengxin for their active cooperation.'

  STAMAX resin brings a series of advantages to the tailgate of the eQ1 model. This tailgate is very easy to assemble and integrate with other components, and its modular design can further improve the vehicle's assembly and dimensional stability. This solution minimizes warpage problems and exhibits excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. In addition, the tailgate panel components can absorb most of the impact force in low-speed collisions, thereby reducing maintenance costs and saving vehicle ownership costs for vehicle owners.

   'The lightweight tailgate is one of our recent development focuses, and it is also the technical advantage of SABIC.' Fallon said. SABIC has a complete set of solutions for tailgate components ranging from internal structure, external panels to windows. He revealed that the company is participating in multiple all-plastic tailgate projects.

   Replacement of metal with lightweight materials in structural parts such as tailgate panels, front-end modules, door modules, seat structures and dashboards has become an important trend in the automotive industry, and it also promotes the use of thermoplastics in automobiles. Field of application. The use of STAMAX resin can reduce the weight of these parts by up to 50%.

  Many well-known automobile manufacturers have used this material since the beginning of this century, mainly for large molded parts and semi-structural parts.

   SABIC's factory in Shanghai can produce STAMAX resin for customers in the Asia-Pacific region. The company also has two other factories dedicated to the production of STAMAX resin, one in Europe (Genk, Belgium) and the other in North America (St. Louis, Mississippi, USA). With these world-class factories, SABIC is able to provide global customers with consistent quality plastic products to meet the different specifications and requirements of customers all over the world.

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