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Shaanxi sets up a RV trading center, and lays out the RV ecology

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

China Automotive News Network, December 14th, after a year of successful operation of the East China RV Trading Center in Zhangjiagang, the second comprehensive RV trading center-Shaanxi RV Trading Center, led by 'RV TimesIt officially opened in Xi'an on December 12th. China Automotive News learned that in order to promote the ecological construction of the RV industry, the RV era will accelerate the layout of RV trading centers next year, and it is expected to establish new RV trading centers in Qingdao, Beijing and other places.

It is understood that as an industry media sponsored by the China Energy Automobile Communication Group under the People’s Daily, 'RV Times' has actively built industry marketing service platforms in recent years to popularize RV tourism culture while doing industry news reports. , To promote consumption in the RV market. Among them, the newly established Shaanxi RV Trading Center is committed to serving as a supply chain platform service provider for Chinese RV manufacturing companies and import and export agency companies, creating a new platform sales model for China’s RV industry, and providing services to RV companies, platform companies, consumers, etc. The strongest support and help.

Fully tap the potential of the RV market

As an important segment of the automobile market, RVs have shown impressive growth momentum in recent years. Although the first half of the year was greatly affected by the epidemic, the national sales rebounded rapidly after June, showing strong market potential. As consumption upgrades and people's requirements for travel brands increase, RVs have become a better carrier for high-quality travel.

However, compared with passenger cars, consumers have limited channels for buying RVs. The purchase of RV owners is more focused on the purpose of travel, which also makes the traditional car sales and after-sales models mismatch in the RV industry, and new operating models are urgently needed to match them, so as to fully tap the potential of the RV market.

The establishment of Shaanxi RV Trading Center provides a new way for RV marketing. After absorbing many experiences of East China RV Trading Center, Shaanxi RV Trading Center will provide more complete services. At present, more than a dozen domestic and foreign first-tier RV brands have been confirmed to enter the exhibition hall. Shaanxi RV Trading Center will provide consumers with one-stop car purchase solutions with excellent products, preferential prices, and high-quality services 365 days a year.

The RV Trading Center will supervise the OEMs to fulfill their after-sales service commitments, and assist customers to the greatest extent possible in dealing with the incomplete domestic RV after-sales problem. In addition, all car buyers can join the RV Era Club Union family and enjoy super VIP car service, bringing a brand new RV car purchase and service experience.

Construct and perfect RV tourism travel

Establishing and perfecting RV tourism is an indispensable part of creating an ecological ratio of the RV industry. The location of the RV trading center is in Shaanxi, and tourism is also considered. Xi'an is rich in tourism resources and has a strong cultural atmosphere. The development potential of the RV industry is huge. The 2020 Silk Road Economic Belt RV Cultural Tourism Development Conference held in Xi'an aims to create a national high-end RV industry conference, implement the strategic concept of co-building the 'Silk Road Economic BeltRV tourism routes, build a regional RV tourism cooperation platform, and help the coordinated development of China-Europe RV tourism industry.

Through the RV era·Shaanxi RV Trading Center landed here, the RV era club alliance will gradually integrate the resources of Shaanxi RV, so that car owners can enjoy complete RV sales and after-sales service, as well as the various sharing of old car friends. This kind of game experience allows car users to quickly integrate into the warm family of RVs, and also allows RVs to quickly popularize and promote new travel concepts, and penetrate into the hearts of consumers.

The opening of the Shaanxi RV Trading Center marks a new upgrade of China’s RV industry. According to the 'China Automotive News NetworkThe RV era has also accelerated the layout of the RV ecology to further promote the popularization and development of RVs in China.

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