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Shanghai Auto Show Dongan brought its self-developed 6AT monopoly finally broken

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

   [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. 2017 Shanghai Auto Show] At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Dongan, an independent brand with engine and gearbox manufacturing technology, brought a self-developed 6AT automatic transmission. The research and development lasted 6 years. , And will be listed in May today, finally breaking the foreign monopoly on 6AT automatic transmissions. According to previous news, the market demand for this Dongan 6AT with independent intellectual property rights will reach 200,000 units next year.

   The current domestic 6AT is mainly provided by Japan’s Aisin and Germany’s ZF, while Dong’an’s 6AT is developed on the basis of the original 4AT technology and can be applied The car and SUV models cover a vehicle weight range of 1.2 to 2.6 tons, can withstand a maximum torque of 300Nm, and can achieve start-stop functions. In the future, it will be widely used in independent brands such as Zotye, Hanteng and Haima.

  According to the introduction, the Dongan 6AT transmission is controlled by a linear proportional solenoid valve to control the main oil pressure and shift gears to achieve precise control. The third-generation hydraulic torque converter with ultra-long-stroke shock absorber broadly expands the locking area and improves the efficiency of the torque converter. The electronic control fail-safe mode simplifies the hydraulic system and optimizes space and efficiency. The unique idle speed neutral control logic is adopted to reduce fuel consumption and vibration at the same time.

   The project said that this 6AT also supports the upgrade to a hybrid transmission, and fuel consumption can be reduced by about 15%-20% on the existing basis. Compared with the 6AT gearboxes of foreign brands, the price of Dongan 6AT single unit is about 500 yuan cheaper.

   While foreign auto brands and gearbox suppliers are immersed in the research and development and production of 9 and 10AT automatic transmissions, Chinese independent brand enterprises are still considered It was not too late to hand in a satisfactory answer sheet, filling the gap in the independent research and development of 6AT gearboxes. Although some of the patented technologies of foreign gearboxes are inevitably involved, this also allows us to see the determination made in China and believe that there is enough After the accumulation of technology, China's manufacturing will become stronger. (Photo: Du Qingwei   picture / Wen Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhang Jingsen)

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