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Shanghai Auto Shows the New Power of GAC's Three New Engines, GS8?

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

   [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. 2017 Shanghai Auto Show] At the media day of the Shanghai Auto Show today, GAC Trumpchi’s booth displayed three new engines independently developed by it, namely the third-generation 2.0T direct injection Turbocharged engine, the second-generation 1.5T direct injection turbocharged engine and the first hybrid engine 1.5ATK. The three engines have not yet been applied to current models, and will be updated iteratively to various models of GAC Trumpchi in the future.

● GAC 2.0TGDI engine

   The picture above shows the 4B20J1 engine (2.0TGDI) on display, which is the third-generation turbine of the G platform independently developed by GAC. Supercharged engines, the previous generation is currently used in Trumpchi GA8 and GS8, and the third generation models will be installed in GAC Group’s B/C and sedan and SUV models in the future. brothers.

  4B20J1 engine adopts GCCS combustion control patented technology independently developed by GAC, 350bar high-pressure direct injection system, dual turbocharger, electronically controlled exhaust valve, dual intake and exhaust VVT, variable oil pump, electronic thermostat, roller rocker hydraulic tappet, timing silent chain, double balance shaft and other technologies, and match the second-generation automatic start-stop system.

   The power parameters of the new generation 2.0T engine have been greatly changed. The compression ratio is 10, the rated torque is 380Nm/1300-4000rpm, and the rated power is 180KW/5000-5250rpm.

● GAC 1.5TGDI engine

   This 1.5TGDI direct injection turbocharged engine model is 4A15J1, which is the second generation of GAC GS platform The previous generation of the engine was applied to the GS4. The new generation of engine power parameters and technological innovation have greatly improved, and will be installed in the GAC Group A+/B-class sedan and SUV models in the future.

   The new generation of 1.5TGDI adopts GCCS combustion control technology, dual intake and exhaust VVT, electronically controlled variable displacement oil pump, roller rocker arm hydraulic tappet, timing silent chain, matching the second generation Automatic start-stop system. At the same time, low-inertia turbocharging is used to reduce the peak torque speed. The new generation 1.5TGDI has a compression ratio of 9.8, a rated torque of 270Nm/1700-4500rpm, and a rated power of 145KW/5250rpm.

● GAC’s first hybrid engine

   GAC Trumpchi’s booth also exhibited its first hybrid engine, composed of 1.5ATK (4A15K2) The engine is matched with the G-MC electromechanical coupling system. In the future GAC Trumpchi GA3S PHEV will be equipped with this hybrid system.

  1.5ATK engine adopts Atkinson cycle, high compression ratio, dual VVT intake and exhaust, variable oil pump, roller rocker arm hydraulic tappet, timing silent chain And other technologies. G-MC is a brand new electromechanical coupling system independently developed by GAC Research Institute. It integrates generator, drive motor, clutch, transmission system and differential. By reasonably controlling the power coupling output of engine and motor, it can realize pure electric, Multiple drive modes such as extended range and hybrid.

   The compression ratio of this hybrid engine is 13, the rated torque is 120Nm/4500rpm, and the rated power is 71KW/5500rpm; the rated/peak torque of the drive motor in the G-MC system is 120Nm/300Nm, rated/peak Power 55KW/130KW, maximum speed 12000rpm; generator rated/peak torque 100Nm/120Nm, rated/peak power 50KW/70KW, maximum speed 7000rpm.

● Summary

   From this point of view, the power parameters of 2.0T and 1.5T direct injection engines have been improved by leaps and bounds compared to previous generations. Let us wait and see how the actual performance is. (Photo/Text: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Front Report Team/Zhang Jingsen)

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