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Shenzhen Model S is out of control again? Official response: Misoperation by the owner

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

At this moment, more people are still waiting for a truth to be revealed.

On the evening of December 12th, Beijing time, a related Weibo netizen broke the news that a white Tesla Model S crashed into a building in a residential area near the West Third Ring Space Bridge in Haidian District, Beijing. According to the content, the vehicle suddenly lost control when the accident occurred and crashed into a residential building at a speed of 80km/h. Judging from the scene pictures, the front of this Model S has penetrated into the bottom of the balconies of the residents on the first floor, and the huge impact force has exposed the steel bars of the house.

Almost at the same time, some netizens broke the news that a Tesla Model X in South Korea also lost control and hit the wall at a high speed in the parking lot. Eventually, a fire caused the death of one passenger in the car and the injury of two others. Only a few days after the above two accidents, a Tesla owner in Shenzhen once again reported that the Model S he was driving was also out of control.

Judging from the video and pictures exposed at the scene, the vehicle was driving on the main road at a low speed, suddenly accelerated and crashed into the front taxi, and then accelerated twice and crashed into the front van. The whole process There was no trace of the brake light 'lighting up' until the vehicle showed a double flashing warning light. According to the owner’s recall: “At that time, the entire vehicle was like a crash, the entire vehicle system was out of control, the brakes were useless, and the steering wheel could not be moved.”

And shortly after the accident, Tesla officially made a statement stating: “Regarding the Shenzhen accident that everyone is paying attention to recently, we contacted the car owner as soon as possible. After confirming the safety of the car owner, Quickly investigate the state of the vehicle at the time of the accident. After reading and analyzing the vehicle data, the driver continuously and deeply stepped on the accelerator pedal during the acceleration and subsequent collisions of the vehicle, but did not step on the brake during the process Pedal. Currently we are assisting car owners with insurance claims and vehicle maintenance. Thank you for your attention, and once again remind car friends to pay attention to travel safety.'

In other words, the Model S out-of-control accident that occurred in Shenzhen was caused by the owner's misoperation. But regarding the two previous accidents in Beijing and South Korea, its officials still did not issue a statement. In all fairness, since 2020, Tesla has 'accidentally accelerated' accidents frequently. Judging from the information or evidence currently available, it is impossible to attribute the errors to either the car company or the driver.

However, the cold treatment of certain accidents and the delay in publishing the results of the investigation have caused the outside world to suspect that Tesla's own products may have inherent defects. For those owners who really caused the vehicle to lose control due to misoperation, they just want to say that please don’t “confuse the audiovisual”, the responsibility is essentially to be borne by themselves. After all, more people are still waiting for a truth to be revealed at this moment.

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