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Shenzhen Traffic Management Bureau: Did not allow AutoX unmanned vehicles on the road

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

A few days ago, AutoX announced the first batch of RoboTaxi fleets with fully unmanned vehicles and no remote control, and released a video of its fully unmanned driving on public roads in Shenzhen. However, the Shenzhen Traffic Management Bureau recently replied that AutoX has not been licensed.

According to the information released by AutoX, there are no drivers or safety officers in these 25 unmanned vehicles, and there is no manual takeover during the whole process. When encountering roadside vehicles, take-out riders, and construction repairs at night The car can handle all road conditions.

However, Shenzhen Traffic Management Bureau stated that Shenzhen has announced two batches of open test roads for intelligent networked vehicles, covering 9 administrative districts, with a total mileage of over 144 kilometers. In terms of test licenses, Shenzhen has already issued 7 licenses, and AutoX's 25 Robotaxis are not on the list. In addition, Shenzhen currently does not allow any driverless taxis to carry out trial operations in the test area, nor has it approved any fully driverless vehicles to drive on the road.

It can be said that the current 25 AutoX self-driving cars on the roads in Shenzhen are not completely legal and compliant, and they may face penalties from the Shenzhen Traffic Management Bureau.

Editor's comment:

The purpose of AutoX's high-profile promotion of its autonomous driving on open roads in Shenzhen is to demonstrate its technology and capabilities in the field of high-level autonomous driving. You know that just recently, Baidu Apollo and others have just received notices for unmanned road tests on public roads. In the face of rivals such as Baidu Apollo, it is no problem to actively participate in the competition, but the premise is that relevant tests need to be carried out under the framework of safety supervision. At present, AutoX has not yet responded to the statement made by Shenzhen Traffic Management Bureau, and we will continue to pay attention to it.

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