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Some Tesla models increase prices in the U.S. by as much as $10,000

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

According to foreign media reports, Tesla's US official website shows that the company has increased the prices of some models in the United States, and the price of some of them has increased by US$10,000. At the same time, the prices of some models have fallen.

Most car manufacturers choose to cooperate with dealers to sell cars, but Tesla has chosen a direct sales model. Consumers need to complete the car selection and order on its official website. Tesla will Uniform pricing in each market. But this unified pricing often changes, especially in the US market.

Model S (Image source: Tesla)

The model with the highest price adjustment this time is a high-performance version of the new Model S sedan. About two months ago, Tesla released the new Model S. Currently, the starting price of the Model S Plaid Plus version reaches $15,1190 (including $1,200 shipping), which is an increase of $10,000 compared to the $14,1190 (including shipping) when it was just released at the end of January.

In addition, the price of the Model Y long-life version has also increased. The current starting price of this car is 51,190 US dollars (including shipping), and the increase is 1,000 US dollars. Not long ago, Tesla also removed the standard battery life version of Model Y from its US official website.

Another model with a price increase is the Model 3 Standard Battery Life Plus. The current starting price is US$38,690 (including freight), while the previous price of the car was US$38,190, an increase of US$500.

In addition to raising the prices of some models, Tesla also lowered the prices of some models. The price of the Model 3 long-range all-wheel drive has ushered in a decline. Tesla's official website shows that the current starting price of this model is 47,690 US dollars (including freight), while the previous starting price of the car is 48,190 US dollars, a decrease It’s $1,000. The prices of the new Model X long-life version and Model X Plaid have not changed.

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