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Successful launch of Chang'e 5, Call of Duty VII moon-capturing program 'Beijing' set off in color

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

On November 24th, Beijing time, Chang'e 5 was successfully launched at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in China. As the official strategic partner of China's lunar exploration project, Beijing Off-Road synchronously launched the Call of Duty VII to capture YUE program, and participated in the entire Chang'e 5 expedition for the first time. , Return to the overall task. The Call of Duty VII-YUE project is another pioneering initiative of the Beijing Off-Road and China Lunar Exploration Project following the 'Star Pact' and 'Flying Operation'. It is not only the continuation and sublimation of the double 'YUE' alliance cooperation, but also the next stage of cooperation. New starting point.

YUE World is Unbounded Double 'YUE' Alliance Starts a New Journey

Sixteen years ago, China officially launched the lunar exploration project and named it the 'Chang'e Project.' From Chang'e-1 to Chang'e-4, my country has successfully completed the first two steps of the three-step strategy of 'circumnavigating, descending, and returningThe mission of Chang'e-5 is to achieve the third step of the lunar exploration project 'return'. It is expected to achieve the four 'firsts' in the history of my country's aerospace, namely, the first automatic sampling on the lunar surface, the first take-off from the lunar surface, and the first An unmanned rendezvous and docking took place on the lunar orbit 10,000 kilometers away, and for the first time the lunar soil returned to the earth at a speed close to the second cosmic speed.

As the finale of the third phase of my country's lunar exploration, Chang'e-5 is not only a perfect answer for the previous stage, but also will usher in a new era of China's lunar exploration project. Participating in it is a rare honor. From launch to return, Beijing cross-country escorts, witnessed the end of the third phase of the lunar exploration, and witnessed the completion of the Chang'e project's strategic goal of 'circumnavigation, landing and return'; Beijing off-road brand as the 'Chinese space mission to the moon The identities of 'Engineering Vehicles' and 'Chang'e 5 Lunar Sampling Return Mission Engineering Support Vehicles' deeply participate in every step of the development of China's lunar exploration, and use actions to interpret the brand connotation of 'Glorious Moments, Beijing®'.

China's lunar exploration project and Beijing cross-country, since the beginning of the company, 'Beijing' has been constantly changing. The launch of China’s aerospace lunar exploration vehicle and the establishment of a joint technology laboratory have entered a substantial stage of in-depth cooperation in products and technologies; the launch of Call of Duty V-Stargazing and Call of Duty VI Flying to the sky, from technology integration to Popularization of science, the breadth and depth of cooperation have been further upgraded. With the launch of the Call of Duty VII-YUE program, Beijing Off-Road participated in the Chang'e 5 expedition and the triumphant overall mission for the first time, witnessing the new height and new starting point of China's aerospace industry, and joining hands with China's lunar exploration project in the vigorous Chinese power Open a new chapter in unbounded exploration.

The whole nation explores YUE, moon exploration IP+ pop-up shop sets off an upsurge to explore YUE

The Chinese lunar exploration project with high-tech and sophisticated technology will inevitably give people the feeling of 'unattainable'. It is true that the lunar exploration needs to be rigorous and rigorous, but when communicating with the public, you may wish to change to a 'higher Not cold' way.

On the day before the launch of Chang'e 5, Beijing Off-Road and China's lunar exploration project jointly launched the world's first lunar exploration IP image. The 'Space Rabbit' is creative and flexible without losing the sense of science and technology, and it echoes with 'Chang'e'. . At the same time, the Beijing Off-Road and China Lunar Exploration Project launched a joint version, integrating the elements of both parties into one, giving the dual 'YUE' alliance a concrete form of expression.

In order to share the achievements of aerospace dreams and lunar exploration dreams with the public, Beijing Offroad and China Lunar Exploration Project decided to open the naming rights of the lunar exploration IP image to the whole society, choose the opportunity to launch a global naming campaign, and work together The social science popularization of China's lunar exploration project and the promotion of cross-country culture have made the double 'YUE' alliance a 'major alliance' that attracts more participants.

I can’t help but want to own the cute and advanced image of the moon exploration IP. With the release of the IP image of the Moon Exploration, the first joint pop-up store of the Double 'YUE' Alliance was also unveiled on the same day. At the same time, Beijing Off-Road launched the Tmall flagship store while the iron was hot, opening the space for derivatives of the Double 'YUE' Alliance to enter the public. People can punch in the joint pop-up store to choose their favorite derivatives, receive limited edition gifts, or place an order through the Tmall flagship store to satisfy their dual desire for lunar exploration technology and cross-country culture.

Explore YUE to surpass the world, adding color to the glory of the country

Lunar exploration is an exploration of the moon, and in the exploration of the surface, the BJ40 Corps has also set off. In the 'Call of Duty VII Project YUE' rainforest crossing test drive, the BJ40 Tribute 2020 version, the 2020 BJ40 City Hunter and the BJ40 Rainforest Crossing version formed the BJ40 Corps, which traversed more than 400 kilometers and headed for the Wenchang Space Launch Base. Along the way, the first assembled members of the BJ40 Corps responded calmly with either powerful performance or comfortable and pleasant features, and the product strength proved the high compatibility of the dual 'YUE' alliance's cross-border exploration spirit.

Every step of China's lunar exploration is an ultimate 'cross-country' breakthrough. As a strategic partner of China's spacecraft lunar exploration project, Beijing Cross-country takes the BJ40 legion's crossing journey, which is the Chang'e-5 mission. Launching the flag wave, escorting the whole journey, and using the ever-increasing strength of Chinese cars to help China's lunar exploration project continue its upward journey. From onlookers to hands-on, from acquaintance to agreement, when Chang'e 5 was launched into the sky, we saw not only the leapfrogging of China's lunar exploration project and the agitation of Beijing's off-road, but also the ingenuity of Chinese manufacturing and the inheritance of the glory of the country. With Chang'e 5 as a new starting point, the dual 'YUE' alliance will be guided by the spirit of exploring YUE, allowing the cross-country heart of space and the surface to resonate at the same frequency, converging into a stronger upward force, and expressing a new national glory!

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