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Such a handsome and neatly modified old Mini, wherever it goes

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

In the late 1950s, the Morris Division under the British Motor Corporation created a classic Mini car that was popular all over the world. At that time, the small car became the mainstream in the UK and became a vehicle to survive the oil crisis. Today, the old Mini is no longer just a means of transportation, it has also become a symbol of classic fashion. Although the classic Mini has always been active in the second-hand market, it is a pity that the youngest classic Mini has spent dozens of years so far, and there are very few Minis with good car conditions.

This low fuel consumption and large space car was popular in the fashion industry. People entered the fashion circle by owning a Mini. symbol of. The versatility of Mini's image is unimaginable. In addition to these labels, Mini is also a 'sportsman.'

In October 1961, the Mini model named after Cooper was introduced to the market for the first time, and 1,000 vehicles were produced in the first batch. This car is equipped with a dual carburetor engine with a displacement of 997cc, and the front wheels are also equipped with the more advanced disc brake system at that time. The camshaft and combustion chamber have also been improved to make it reach 55 horsepower. With both good handling and a relatively more powerful engine, Mini Cooper's fashion route seems to have begun to deviate from the sports world.

In 1962, BMC formed the company's first rally with Mini Cooper, which was only a year old, and Mini Cooper S in the future. The team, this newborn calf, has won no less than 153 race victories for BMC. In 1963, BMC launched the Mini Cooper S (representing Special) in response to the current situation. This car was equipped with a 1071cc u200bu200bengine with a maximum power of 70 horsepower and a top speed of nearly 160km/h.

This small car designed with 'economy' as its original intention was an instant hit on the field, giving this style even more fashion Another halo of the car. Since then, car fans have been fascinated and studied the various ways of Mini, so that the Mini’s classic has been passed down to this day.

Although the Mini has a small body, the sparrow is small and complete. The advantages of short wheelbase and light body directly bring out the characteristics of good handling. Mini's brilliant record in the rally field, as well as its own advantages and characteristics, have laid an excellent reputation for it. Since the birth of the Mini, new modification cases have slowly emerged, and various violent and exaggerated engine transplant cases have been eye-opening. There are not only 4-cylinder front-mounted ones, but also mid-mounted, four-wheel drive, and even motorcycle engines.

The classic shape of Mini also locks people in For the established image of 'retro cars

Now owning an old Mini has become a tasteful and luxurious thing. Emission control is becoming stricter and stricter, and the space left for old cars is getting narrower and narrower.

An old Mini that has been completely restored and 'dressed up' with care is definitely a beautiful landscape of the city.

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