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Uisee Technology achieves a 150% growth in performance in 2020

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

In 2020, in the context of the challenging global COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese autonomous driving company Uisee Technology broke through the commercialization and achieved another success.

Based on the “full scene, true unmanned, all-weather” technology platform, Uisee Technology has delivered hundreds of “AI drivers” to various industries in 2020, and achieved a year-on-year increase of 150% in annual performance Sales performance.

Wu Gansha, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Uisee Technology, said: “On the commercial road, we have always focused on providing high value-added AI driving services for customers in the entire industry, and growing together with customers. Collaborate with the industrial chain to innovate and use leading autonomous driving technology to promote efficiency changes in the travel and logistics fields.'

Haitian Passenger Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport, fully launching unmanned trailers

Uisee Technology and the Hong Kong Airport Authority (AA) have jointly developed unmanned trailers to help the airport improve its operational efficiency. It was officially put into service on December 30, 2019. This is the world's first unmanned trailer to operate in the actual operating environment of an airport.

Due to the technical realization of “de-safety personnel”, the unmanned trailer can still operate normally during the epidemic prevention period. The service scope will be officially expanded in October 2020 to shuttle between the airport’s Haitian Passenger Terminal and No.1 The baggage handling lobby of the passenger terminal.

The Hong Kong International Airport announced earlier that all luggage trailers operating at the airport’s Haitian Passenger Terminal will be converted to unmanned trailers in the first quarter of 2021, completely replacing traditional human-driven trailers to transport passengers from the Haitian Passenger Terminal. Luggage.

The construction of unmanned logistics in the production base of SAIC-GM-Wuling breaks through the scale of 100 units

In September 2019, Uisee Technology and SAIC-GM-Wuling jointly delivered the first unmanned logistics route in China.

As of January 2021, the project has built 20+ unmanned logistics routes, and the normal operation of 'really unmanned' unmanned logistics vehicles has reached a scale of 100, with a total operating mileage of 300,000+KM , The total number of runs exceeds 200,000+ times, and it has become the world's largest unmanned logistics operation mileage and the world's largest unmanned logistics vehicle operation scale.

The implementation of 'True Unmanned' technology promotes the expansion of full-scenario autonomous driving mass production business

As the backbone of China’s autonomous driving brand, Uisee Technology was born under the tide of artificial intelligence, based in China, focusing on delivering 'AI driving services' for the entire industry, and Ru0026D has truly achieved 'full Scene, true unmanned, all-weather' 'AI driver

Since the epidemic, all walks of life are accelerating the embrace of the unmanned technology trend. The landing of 'True Unmanned' technology and the praise of a wide range of industry customers have greatly promoted the expansion of Uisee Technology's full-scenario autonomous driving mass production business in the field of travel and logistics.

In the past year, Uisee Technology and Changan Minsheng Logistics, FAW Logistics, BASF BASF and more than a dozen industry giants have all carried out business cooperation to create a benchmark for logistics technology innovation in multiple fields and help Hunan Airport land in mainland China The first airport freight unmanned technology, step by step fulfills the corporate responsibility of empowering the real economy with technology.

In the field of travel, Uisee Technology and partners such as Zhongqi Chuangzhi, Dongfeng Motor and SAIC Volkswagen have boldly explored innovative cooperation mechanisms for the mass production of high-level autonomous driving passenger cars based on the research and development of key core technologies for smart cars. Among them, work with Dongfeng Motor to jointly develop RoboTaxi around the autonomous driving pilot project. This project is committed to building the country's largest autonomous driving technology research and development fleet and gradually opening travel services to the public.

The continuously expanding autonomous driving business has also accumulated a wealth of 'driving experience' and a large amount of valuable data for Uisee's AI drivers. Great steps are taken to promote the iterative upgrade of 'full scene, true unmanned, all-weather' autonomous driving technology, and make every effort to sprint the trillion-level commercial market. Uisee Technology is speeding up the road to the leading Chinese brand in autonomous driving.

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