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Wanbang Xingxing charging 'pile' point China Guangzhou Station officially launched

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technical News Channel] At 2 pm on October 30, 2015, Wanbang Charging Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Star Charging') sponsored the 'Pile' Point Guangzhou-Launching Ceremony and Stars Charging joined hands with GAC, BAIC, and Dongfeng Nissan Green Power Guangzhou to kick off the conference at the Crowne Plaza Emerald Hotel.

  Qi Jianting, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Shao Danwei, Chairman of Wanbang New Energy, Su Hao, General Manager of Wanbang Xingxing Charging, Chen Bokai, Senior Director of Marketing Department of GAC Trumpchi, Hu Enping, general manager of BAIC South China Division, and 200 guests from Guangzhou's new energy vehicles, new energy infrastructure facilities and other related industries gathered together to start from the 'star' and join hands with Green Guangzhou. More than 50 mainstream media in South China, including Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, New Express, Sohu, Sina, and NetEase, were invited to discuss topics such as the popularization of new energy infrastructure.

   Wanbang New Energy Chairman Shao Danwei first introduced the domestic leading charging pile operation service platform-Wanbang Xingxing Charging to various business guests and media friends on the topic of 'Pile' Point China. , And announced Xingxing Charging's investment and operation plan in Guangzhou and even the entire South China region. As the regional center of Xingxing Charging in South China, Guangzhou Station is one of the key steps in the popularization and promotion of charging infrastructure in the entire southern China. It is a milestone for Xingxing Charging to promote the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and build a national urban smart charging network platform. significance.

Shao Danwei, chairman of Wanbang New Energy

Su Hao, general manager of Wanbang Xingxing Charging

   Su Hao, general manager of Xingxing Charging, introduced and demonstrated Xingxing Charging The smart charging system, mobile APP or WeChat can realize the charging of new energy vehicles so that the guests present can feel the convenience of the star charging mode.

   Then, Chen Bokai, senior director of GAC Trumpchi Marketing Department, and Hu Enping, general manager of BAIC South China Division, as representatives of the main cooperating OEMs of Xingxing Charging, shared the development status of new energy vehicles And prospects, new energy models and future development strategic plans for cooperation with Xingxing.

   Green Guangzhou, starting from the 'star'! Star Charging held a grand on-site signing ceremony with representatives of Guangdong Jintian Technology Co., Ltd., representatives of merchants, China Mayor Building, Golden Jubilee International Hotel, and representatives of online platform partners, Guangzhou Ruishi Information Technology Co., Ltd., which also means The star charging 'pile' fired the first shot in Guangzhou.

   Immediately afterwards, the conference ushered in the most important kick-off of the day. Under the witness of relevant Guangzhou government leaders, enterprises, new energy users and other representatives, as well as more than 50 mainstream media, Wanbang Xingxing charging 'pile' China-Guangzhou station was officially launched.

   Su Hao, general manager of Wanbang Xingxing Charging, Qiu Wenzan, general manager of Guangzhou Company, Chen Bokai, senior director of marketing department of GAC Trumpchi, and Hu Enping, general manager of BAIC South China Division, and more than 50 on-site The media conducted an interactive Qu0026A. Media issues covered national and local subsidies for new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle development bottlenecks, charging infrastructure construction, new energy vehicle after-sales service and other issues related to new energy vehicles. The atmosphere on the scene is high, and people from all walks of life are concerned about the development of new energy vehicles. The prospects are unanimously optimistic.

   At the end of the conference, Star Charging staff accompanied the leaders and guests to visit the charging pile group independently developed and produced by Star Charging.

  The staff introduced the Xingxing Charging APP and the city's smart charging operation service platform in detail , And made a charging demonstration for everyone on the spot. A media reporter who visited said: 'I always think that new energy vehicles are still far away, so it has already entered our lives!'. (Photo/text/photo: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Li Zhe)

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