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Weilai denies that it is related to Tesla's rights protection

by:Yisheng      2021-06-06

In response to rumors on the Internet that Tesla’s rights defending vehicle owners are applying for media cards through Weilai’s sunroof supplier channels and that the rights defending vehicle owners are Weilai users, Weilai today issued a statement stating that the relevant rumors are pure rumors, and evidence has been collected to the relevant parties. Department report.

NIO stated in a statement that NIO user 'Seven Sister' was maliciously rumored to be a party to defend the rights of a certain brand auto show. 'Seven Sister' has issued a statement to clarify the malicious rumors and slander. The act of infringing on the reputation of Weilai users expresses indignation, and will spare no effort to provide reasonable and legal assistance for the 'Seven Sisters' to safeguard their legal rights and interests.

In response to the fact that the channel for the sponsorship of the rights-defending vehicle is from the supplier of the Weilai sunroof, Weilai said that Weilai’s partner Webasto is a well-known auto parts company in the industry and a partner of almost all global auto companies. In response to online rumors, Webasto has issued a statement stating: “Webasto and its staff are not related to a certain brand rights event or person.” Weilai supports Webasto’s statement.

Weilai stated that Weilai has been attacked by a large number of organized online rumors, falsely claiming and insinuating that a certain brand rights protection incident at the Shanghai Auto Show is related to Weilai. The related rumors are purely rumours. Weilai has never participated in or promoted any third party to participate in a certain brand rights protection action. Weilai has collected evidence and reported the case to relevant departments in order to find out the facts and protect its own rights and interests.

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