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What are the functions of the car camshaft position sensor

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

The English abbreviation of the crankshaft position sensor is CKPS or CKP, also known as the engine speed sensor. Most of the magnetic induction sensors are used to match the target wheel with 60 teeth minus 3 teeth or 60 teeth minus 2 teeth. The English acronym CMPS or CMP of the camshaft position sensor (Automotive Engineer's Home), also known as Hall sensor, mostly uses Hall sensor, with a signal rotor with a gap or several unequal gap gaps. The control unit continuously receives and compares the two signal voltages. When both signals are at low potential, the control unit thinks that the top dead center of the compression stroke of the cylinder can be reached after a certain crankshaft angle at this time. If CKP and CMP are both at low potential after comparison, the control unit has a benchmark for ignition timing and fuel injection timing.

When the camshaft position sensor signal is interrupted, the control unit receives the crankshaft position signal and can only recognize that it reaches the top dead center of cylinders 1 and 4 through a certain crankshaft angle, but does not know the top dead center of cylinders 1, 4 Which one of them is the top dead center of the compression stroke. The control unit can still inject fuel, but instead of sequential injection to simultaneous injection, the control unit can still ignite, but the ignition timing is delayed to a safe angle where there is absolutely no knock, generally delayed by 1 to 5. At this time, the engine power and torque will decrease, and the driving feeling is that the acceleration is poor, the specified speed is not reached, the fuel consumption increases, and the idling speed is unstable.

Camshaft position sensor

1. Function: Determine the camshaft position (top dead center position of a cylinder compression)

2. Installation: distributor, camshaft

3. Classification: Hall type, magnetoelectric type, photoelectric type

4 .Principle: same as crankshaft position sensor

5. Detection: same as crankshaft position sensor

Magnetoelectric type: mounted on camshaft

When the crankshaft position sensor signal is interrupted, most vehicles cannot start, because the program does not design a function to replace the camshaft sensor signal. However, a small number of vehicles, such as the Jetta 2-valve EFI car that was launched in 2000, will be replaced by the camshaft position sensor signal in the control unit when the crankshaft position sensor signal (Auto Engineer’s Home) is broken, and the engine can start and run, but each Item performance will decrease.

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