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Which car should I buy from the best-selling list?

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05

From the perspective of the main hot-selling models of SUVs in various market segments, the three hot-selling models continue to be on the list strongly, and other models are almost occupied by mainstream hot-selling models; today I will talk about the three SUV models.

Haval M6 2021 PLUS 1.5T DCT Elite Intelligent Linked Type

In terms of power, the new Haval M6 still uses the GW4G15F 1.5T engine, which can output up to 110kW, 150 horsepower and 210N·m torque, matching 7 The dual-clutch gearbox adopts technologies such as exhaust gas turbocharging, variable valve timing, dual overhead camshafts, etc. It has the advantages of small displacement, strong power, and low fuel consumption. The declared fuel consumption is 6.9L/100km, which meets National VI B emissions standard.

In terms of appearance, the star-studded net shape is matched with the eagle-eye headlights, and the visual effect of toughness and dynamic coexistence. And the floating roof with chrome-plated boomerang creates a stronger sense of technology and fashion. The length of the vehicle is 4664mm, the width is 1830mm, the height is 1729mm, and the wheelbase is 2680mm. Compared with the 19 models, the length, width and height are increased, but the wheelbase remains unchanged. The interior material is mainly made of plastic, and the front screen uses a 10.25-inch touch-sensitive color LCD screen.

Changan Auchan X72021 1.5T dual-clutch elite

For power, the new Auchan X7 uses a H15TG-AD 1.5T engine, which can output up to 178kW horsepower and 265N·m of torque. It uses a wet dual-clutch matching 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. (DCT).

In terms of appearance, the ultimate expression of natural aesthetics, the body lines are smooth and firm, the front face adopts the design of the dark-bone grille and the two-color straight-cut aluminum alloy wheels of the cyclone force, which highlights the fashionable and avant-garde design concept. The ultra-wide-angle surround view skyscreen makes the overall car feel even better. The length of the vehicle is 4705mm, the width is 1860mm, and the height is 1720mm. The overall body has a 1.08 gold aspect ratio, which makes the appearance more eye-catching. The seat on the interior is designed with a 360° all-round super fiber space leather soft bag design, and the front is a 10.25-inch smart large screen. In addition, the car is equipped with a face recognition system.

New Baojun RS-3 1.5T CVT Smart Elite

For power, the new Baojun RS-3 uses a turbocharged/DVVT/inline four-cylinder 1.451T engine with rated power (kw/rpm) of 108/5200 and 250 /(2200~3400) torque, while simulating an 8-speed CVT transmission. The front and rear suspension adopts MacPherson independent suspension and torsion beam semi-independent suspension system and EPS electric power steering. The declared fuel consumption is 6.8L/100km, which meets the National VI B emission standards.

In terms of appearance, the unique starlight torch array black grille, atmospheric air intake grille and slender LED headlights on both sides Design, the overall visual effect is very impactful and smooth body lines, excellent temperament, the interior is changed to the Baojun model interior to bring a fashionable feeling, the RS3 interior is mainly black or silver, which makes the whole more low-key and stable. The length of the vehicle is 4300mm, the width is 1750mm, and the height is 1625mm, making the space more comfortable. The seat on the interior adopts a leather/fabric mixed soft bag method, the driver's seat adjustment adopts a 4-way manual type, and the front is also a 10.25-inch smart large screen.

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