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2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe equipped with 4G version of OnStar

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Channel] At this year's Detroit Auto Show, Cadillac exhibited its first model equipped with 4G network OnStar system-the 2015 ATS Coupe. The system can provide a more stable and faster network environment than the current model, and car owners can use the application networking on the OnStar system to get a better Internet experience. In addition, the system can also build a 4G car Wifi hotspot to support high-speed networking of popular mobile devices.

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  Through the 4G version of OnStar system, Cadillac ATS has become a mobile high-speed network router, supporting 'always online' and escorting the realization of the Internet of Vehicles. In addition to using the 4G version of OnStar system as a router to facilitate the networking of mobile devices, it can also automatically generate vehicle inspection reports and send them to mailboxes, including the owner’s mailbox and the dealer’s repair department mailbox. The dealers feedback dealer maintenance recommendations to the OnStar system based on the test report , The owner of the vehicle regularly maintains the vehicle according to the dealer’s recommendation. From this perspective, the 4G version of OnStar system facilitates better communication between users and service providers.

   In addition, this version of OnStar system also allows mobile devices to control the vehicle through an app called OnStar RemoteLink, including locking, unlocking, switching lights, controlling the horn, and remotely. Start the engine and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. At present, the app is suitable for mainstream mobile device operating systems including Apple ios, Android, Blueberry, and Microsoft.

   Based on the 4G version of OnStar system, Cadillac also plans to launch the CUE software platform this year, which is equivalent to Apple’s Apple Store and Google’s Android market. Users can use the vehicle’s own 8 The inch LCD touch screen downloads software applications from the CUE software platform to the vehicle's CUE operating system. The applications currently supported by the CUE software platform include iHeart Radio, Weather Channel, Slacker Radio, Tuneln Radio, Cityseeker (for navigation) and EventSeeker (similar to Weibo). After the user downloads the application to the CUE operating system, operations such as running, updating, and deleting can be performed.

   Cadillac CUE is the core content of Cadillac ATS Coupe in order to achieve a more intelligent driving mode and a better user experience. Cadillac CUE will cover all ATS Coupes models from entry level to luxury level . In addition, the Cadillac CUE system also supports the connection of smart phones via Bluetooth. The advantage of this function is that once the owner receives a text message while driving, the content of the text message can be transmitted to the vehicle CUE operating system through this Bluetooth connection, and the CUE can The content of the short message is read out through voice recognition, which is beneficial to driving safety. It is planned that CUE will be fully implemented in 2015.

   Of course, OnStar’s CUE operating system has its own merits compared with the CarPlay system that Apple released at the Geneva Motor Show a while back. At present, CarPlay only supports the interconnection with the car entertainment system through the Lightning interface on the Apple mobile phone (iPhone5/5C/5S). The Bluetooth connection has not yet been realized. According to the grapevine, Apple will release the iPhone 6 at the end of October this year at the same time the ios 8 is released. The system will support Connect with CarPlay via Bluetooth.

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   In terms of connection convenience, OnStar CUE operating system is temporarily superior. The next step is to compare user experience. I have used Apple Everyone in the operating system knows that ios can provide a smoother and zero-latency operating experience than the Android system, and the system can fully understand the user's intentions. On the other hand, the current car entertainment system, even if it is a touch screen, is not satisfactory. Although Apple CarPlay is a latecomer, its user response has surpassed pioneers like OnStar.

   Summary: According to GM’s official news, the 4G OnStar system will be applied to all Cadillac ATS Coupe models in 2015, as well as Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, Malibu As well as Volanda and other models will also be used first. However, this news was released before Apple released CarPlay. With Apple's disruption, I wonder if General Motors is as confident as ever in the 4G version of OnStar system and CUE operating system. Internet companies enter the automotive industry, and the battle for the Internet of Vehicles will become more and more attractive!

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