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2017 Guangzhou Auto Show: GAC Trumpchi 1.0T three-cylinder engine

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] At the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Trumpchi exhibited the third-generation 1.0TGDI three-cylinder turbocharged in-cylinder direct injection engine independently developed by GAC, this small-displacement turbo Supercharged engines will appear in GAC Trumpchi small cars and SUVs, and are expected to be used in production cars soon.

   This 1.0T engine may be the first to be carried on the Trumpchi GS3 and the upcoming GA4.

Independent brand 1.0T engine power comparison GAC Trumpchi 1.0T Changan 1.0T SAIC 1.0T Geely 1.0T FAW 1.0T Cylinder number 33333 Fuel injection method Direct injection in the cylinder Direct injection in the cylinder Direct injection in the cylinder Direct injection in the cylinder Direct injection maximum power (kW) 100859210089 Maximum torque (N·m) 200172170180170 The mainstream independent brands currently have their own 1.0T engines. The five 1.0T turbocharged engines of Trumpchi, Changan, SAIC, Geely, and FAW all use three-cylinder design schemes. In terms of maximum power, Geely It has reached 100kW with Trumpchi, and the maximum torque of Trumpchi 1.0T is slightly higher than the other four, reaching 200N·m.

The power comparison between GAC Trumpchi 1.0T engine and joint venture brand 1.0T engine GAC Trumpchi 1.0T Ford 1.0T (domestic) GM 1.0T (domestic) Honda 1.0T (domestic) cylinder number 3333 Direct injection manifold in the injection cylinder Maximum power (kW) 100929292 Maximum torque (N·m) 200170170173 At present, there are Ford, GM and Honda in China. The parameters are all weaker than Trumpchi’s 1.0T, but this is only in the domestic, foreign version of the engine tuning is not the same, for example, Honda’s 1.0T, the overseas version reaches Up to 200N·m.

   GAC Trumpchi 1.0TGDI engine uses mid-mounted in-cylinder direct injection technology. The injection pressure is 350bar, which is much higher than Ford’s 1.0T 200bar pressure and higher injection. More pressure makes the fuel atomization effect better, which is conducive to improving combustion efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

  1.0TGDI engine also uses a cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold, which is conducive to the rapid increase of the engine water temperature to normal operating temperature, and the exhaust gas turbine uses an electronically controlled pressure relief valve , The control is faster and more precise, which is conducive to dynamic response.

   In addition, this engine is also equipped with a 48V BSG start-stop motor from Valeo, which can be combined with a 48V power supply to form a light hybrid power system to further reduce fuel consumption.

   In addition, this 1.0TGDI engine also has mainstream intake and exhaust variable valve timing, electronically controlled variable displacement oil pump, roller rocker arm hydraulic tappet, etc. The purpose of the technology is to increase power and reduce fuel consumption. In addition, in order to reduce the vibration of the three-cylinder engine, there is a balance shaft in the engine to counteract the vibration.


   GAC Trumpchi’s 1.0TGDI engine integrates the current mainstream small displacement three-cylinder engine technology, including in-cylinder direct injection, turbocharging, intake and exhaust valve timing, and integrated cylinder Cover exhaust, electronically controlled oil pump, etc., compared with the current Trumpchi engine can be described as a big step forward, and this engine can also use 48V light hybrid system, the comprehensive use of these technologies, I believe that in the future GAC Trumpchi There will be a good performance on the production car. (Photo/Text/Photo: Du Qingwei from Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.)


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