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2017 Guangzhou Auto Show: GAC Trumpchi showcases a new generation of chassis

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] At the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Trumpchi displayed a self-developed high-efficiency chassis that uses air suspension, rear-wheel steering technology, and front double-wishbone rear Multi-link, E-Booster electric booster, etc., the engine is equipped with a new generation of 2.0T in-cylinder direct injection engine, its technical configuration can be called luxurious.

   The front suspension of Trumpchi uses air damping struts (continuously variable damping), and the rear The suspension uses air springs. Such a chassis configuration is more common in luxury cars, but rarely in domestic models. Air suspension can actively adjust the softness and hardness of the chassis, which will improve the comfort. In addition, in off-road conditions , It can increase the height of the vehicle body and improve the trafficability of the vehicle. However, the cost of air suspension is relatively high, and the use of air suspension on current models of GAC Trumpchi does not seem to be in line with common sense.

  The front suspension uses a virtual hinged double wishbone structure, and also uses a double ball joint technology, which will improve the handling and comfort It is helpful. There are very few suspensions using this structure on domestic models. The rear suspension uses a five-link structure, which is different from the current common E-type multi-link structure. More links can have better control over the suspension, but the difficulty of tuning will also be greatly increased.

  The rear suspension also uses the rear wheel active steering system, which can drive the rear wheels to steer at a small angle through the motor. At low speeds, the rear wheels and the front wheels rotate in opposite directions, which can reduce The turning radius improves flexibility, and the rear wheel rotates in the same direction as the front wheel at high speed, which helps maintain stability. The same technology is in Porsche. It has appeared on Cadillac and Acura.

   In addition, this chassis uses the E-Booster electronic booster derived from Bosch. This is also called an ibooster by Bosch. It uses a servo motor to drive the brake cylinder, which is different from the traditional There are differences between vacuum boosters. The advantage of this electronic booster is that it can change the foot feel during braking. For example, different braking feedbacks will appear when different driving modes are selected.

  This chassis is also equipped with an electronically controlled hydraulic four-wheel drive system, and the engine uses the latest developed 2.0T in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine.

   Trumpchi also equipped this chassis with Michelin Primacy 4 tires. This tire has just been released overseas and has not yet been launched in China. The main feature is comfort and quietness. You can watch Finally, there is a sponge inside the tire, which can absorb vibration and reduce tire noise.


  Which car will this set of new technology full of chassis be used in GAC Trumpchi? Will it be the next generation GS8 model? At present, all we know is that this chassis belongs to the SUV chassis. The exact model on which it will be mounted in the future is still unknown, and it is worth looking forward to. (Photo/Text/Photo: Du Qingwei from Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.)

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