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2017 Guangzhou Auto Show: Han Teng Auto 1.2T three-cylinder engine

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] At the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show, Hanteng Motors exhibited the second-generation M series 1.2TGDI three-cylinder engine jointly developed with Germany's MAHLE Group, with high and low power Match. From the book data of the parameters, this engine does not lose the popular 2.0L engine at all. So far, Hanteng has a total of 1.0T, 1.2T, 1.5T, 1.8T, 2.0T and other engines. It can’t help but wonder that Chinese brand car companies can create so many models with a balance of power performance and fuel economy. engine.

   The M series 1.2TGDI three-cylinder engine exhibited at the auto show by Han Teng has a bore of 83mm, a three-cylinder and an all-aluminum alloy block, and the mass is only 113kg. It is 20% lighter than other engines of the same displacement, and its emissions can meet the European VI C (NEDC) standard. It is expected to be installed on its own compact SUV as early as 2018, further lowering the price barrier. In addition, the application of technologies such as variable valve lift VVL, external EGR, exhaust gas control, and cylinder deactivation can also help reduce pumping losses.

Hanteng Auto M series 1.2TGDI engine parameter table Item unit TEL3M12 (1.2TGDI) basic configuration-1 displacement L1.2 maximum power kW/rpm120/5000-5500 maximum torque N·m/rpm286/1600- 3500 Fuel Specification-No. 92 Emission Standard-National Sixth Tabulation: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

   It may not be reflected by the above data alone. What's so outstanding about the M series 1.2TGDI engine? Take the popular Chuangchi Blue Sky technology engine to compare with it. The 2.0L engine on the Angkers has a maximum power of 116kW and a peak torque of 202N·m. Data Lost to Han Teng's 1.2T three-cylinder engine, this result makes people imagine.

Hanteng 1.2TGDI engine and other brands 1.2T engine power comparison Hanteng 1.2T Chery 1.2TDS 1.2T Renault 1.2TCe number of cylinders 3333 Maximum power (kW) 12010010096 Maximum torque (N·m) 286222230205 Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

   With the tightening of fuel consumption policies, automakers have to speed up the development of small-displacement turbine engines. The mainstream auto brands currently have their own small-displacement engines. For engines, the small-displacement turbocharged engines of Hanteng, Chery, Trumpchi, and Changan all use three-cylinder design. In terms of maximum power, both Hanteng and Chery have reached 100kW, while Hanteng 1.2 T's maximum torque is slightly higher than the other four, reaching 286N·m.

   At the same time, in response to future technical requirements, the 1.2T engine jointly developed by Han Teng and Mahler has flexible technical scalability, through the improvement of thermal efficiency, pumping The reduction of losses, the reduction of friction and the expansion and strengthening of hybridization, etc., technology has been reserved until 2025.

   Although Hanteng has not put this engine on mass production models yet, it is expected that the performance of this 1.2T engine product is still very competitive in the market. (Photo/Text: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Su Weiqi / Photograph: Chi Dongning)


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