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2017 Guangzhou Auto Show: Subaru Global Platform Appears

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

   [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technical Channel] The concept of platform-based car building is popular nowadays. Different sizes and types of cars can be made under the same platform. In addition to greatly saving research and development costs, you can also share a lot of parts to reduce the trouble of future maintenance. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Subaru brought Subaru's global platform. What is the actual performance of this platform?

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  The full name of Subaru's global platform is SUBARU GLOBAL PLATFORM, which embodies Subaru's accumulated technological excellence for many years, focusing on the future and building a new generation of automobile manufacturing platform. Subaru's global platform emphasizes precise control, smooth braking, low noise, low vibration, and effective absorption of impact energy. At the same time, Subaru's horizontally opposed engine, left-right symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system and EyeSight driver assistance system. The entire platform improves the overall safety of the car and realizes a happier driving experience. The platform is suitable for hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and future new energy vehicles. Subaru introduced the first domestic model to use this platform as the XV.

Realize precise control

  Subaru's global platform optimizes the rigidity of the front and rear suspension and body structure. The front lateral bending rigidity of the vehicle body is increased by 90%, the torsional rigidity of the vehicle body is increased by 70%, the rigidity of the front suspension is increased by 70%, and the rigidity of the rear suspension subframe is increased by 100%, and the overall rigidity is increased by 70%-100%. Make Subaru's model handling more sensitive and robust.

  The steering system of Subaru’s global platform has also been improved. It can reduce the number of times the driver has to repair the steering wheel on uneven roads and reduce fatigue during long-distance driving.

Bring a quiet and comfortable driving experience

   The rigidity of the body and suspension is greatly improved. By optimizing the structure of the chassis, strengthening the key parts and using higher-strength steel. At the same time, in order to suppress the bending deformation of the car body, a structural connection agent is used, thereby improving the rigidity of the whole car body. The increased rigidity of the body can suppress vibration from the steering wheel and the cockpit floor, thereby greatly improving comfort. Of course, with less vibration, the mute will also be improved. A quiet space can be guaranteed in the car.

   As for the suspension, the strength of the parts is also strengthened to restrain the body from bending under bad road conditions. The suspension stabilizer bar of the interesting Subaru global platform is directly fixed to the body, which can reduce the body shaking by 50% and improve the driving experience.

  Comfort and handling stability are often contradictory and cannot be achieved at the same time, but Subaru's global platform can achieve the best of both worlds. The body can effectively disperse the vibration of the road during driving. At the same time, it also absorbs short-term shaking caused by uneven road surface. Improve the comfort and ensure a higher control pleasure at the same time.

More safer driving

  Subaru's global platform can lower the position of the engine, thereby further reducing the center of gravity of the vehicle and achieving better handling stability. The vehicle's center of gravity is lower, which also improves the vehicle's response to driving intentions, allowing the vehicle to maintain the stability of the vehicle body during emergency line changes, better tracking, and difficult to cause large-scale slip.

  The increase in body strength will inevitably improve the safety of collisions. Equipped with high-strength steel plates to improve the impact resistance of the front, side and rear of the vehicle. The key parts are also high-strength steel plates treated by high pressure quenching. The steel plate of the highest strength B-pillar of the overall body reaches 1470Mpa, and the strength of the steel plate of the rest of the body reaches 270-980Mpa. Improve the structure of the vehicle body so that when the vehicle is hit, the impact force can be transmitted from the front to the rear of the vehicle. There will be no obstacle in the middle when the vehicle is dispersed. The impact force will be dispersed into three parts and transmitted to the rear. Finally, the vehicle can effectively absorb the impact energy.


  Subaru's global platform has not significantly improved production efficiency, but it has made many improvements to the vehicle's handling stability and driving comfort. At the same time, the safety of the active and passive models can be effectively improved. This is obvious to all. Subaru's globalization of platform can make vehicles have better compatibility and improve the versatility of various parts. This is also to reduce the difficulty of auto parts circulation. Platformization undoubtedly has more advantages than disadvantages. (Picture/Text/Photo: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Lai Dacong and Qingshan Three Musketeers)

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