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2018 launch of pure electric SUV Honda's future plans exposed

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. News] At the 2017 Honda China Media Conference held today, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (China), based on the “2030 Vision” released globally this year, announced that Honda will The upgrade of FUNTEC black technology in various aspects such as comfort will officially start the electrification era in 2018. And it will launch a pure electric SUV based on the compact SUV platform. If there is no accident, we will see it at the Beijing Auto Show next year. Many future strategic plans were exposed at the meeting, with many highlights.

   Honda China Headquarters Yasuhide Mizuno announced at this meeting that Honda will be built specifically for the Chinese market in 2018 A pure electric model, which will be based on Honda's small (compact in the Honda system is actually a small) SUV platform, jointly developed by the joint venture company and Honda Giken Technology (China), and integrates Honda's unique handling performance and driving Fun, the car will eventually be launched under the joint venture brand. More information about the car will be announced at the Beijing Auto Show next year. If nothing else, the size of this model will be the same as the current Bingzhi.

   Interestingly, Honda will also launch China-specific electric two-wheelers based on the individual needs of Chinese consumers. In addition, the Honda SENSING (safety super-sensing) system currently launched by Honda will continue to be installed on more low-level models, so that more products will be equipped with driver assistance systems. And Honda CONNECT intelligent guidance interconnection system will add online payment and voice control functions, and get a comprehensive upgrade.

   Unlike the domestic environment, Honda believes that fuel cell vehicles are the ultimate new energy vehicles. At present, Honda is actively promoting the development of fuel cell vehicles and building hydrogen Energy society. However, considering that the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in China is still in its infancy and the environment for the use of fuel cell vehicles has not yet become widespread, it is unlikely that CLARITY will be introduced in the near future.

   At today’s conference, Honda Technology Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and China’s leading IT companies, Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. ('Neusoft Reach'), a subsidiary of Neusoft Group Co., Ltd., has signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out strategic cooperation. It will inject capital into Rui Chi Da New Energy Automobile Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a car-sharing company under Neusoft Rui Chi, and the two parties will work together to develop the car-sharing business. Focus on the fields of electric vehicles, intelligent network connection, and autonomous driving to provide platforms and key technologies for next-generation vehicles.

  In the future, Honda will cooperate with Neusoft Reach to develop a new car-sharing business to achieve customer travel model innovation and service upgrades, and strengthen 'experience innovation '. In the next three years, the joint venture will launch 18,000 shared electric vehicles in more than 80 cities in China. At this conference, it can be felt that while Honda has achieved an annual sales volume of over 1.4 million vehicles, it still has no slack in its future strategic planning. Electricity, intelligence, technological innovation, and cloud computing will continue to be the core keywords of Honda's future strategy of technology, and will surely provide Chinese consumers with travel services and experiences that endow new values.

(Photo/text/photo: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Zong Ze)


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