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Bentley Mulsanne W.O. edition founder's collection, the camshaft is used as the interior

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

As the brand’s 100th anniversary is approaching, the projects Bentley has planned since 2017 have gradually revealed the mystery.

One hundred years later, Bentley brought a limited edition of 100 Mulsanne WO edition, as a flagship sedan named after the founder WO Bentley At such an important moment, is this car sincere enough?

The red interior and wood grain match just right.

This car was handed over to HJ Mulliner to complete the bodywork to inherit the classic 1930 Bentley 8.0 Litre. A noble lineage made purely by hand.

Luxury and sports are indispensable

In such a flagship car, the classic landmark will never be absent.

In order to pay tribute and inheritance to the classics, this Mulsanne WO edition will carry part of the Bentley 8.0 Litre-the predecessor’s camshaft will be cut into 100 parts. They are stored in the rear center armrest of the Mulsanne WO edition, which is limited to 100 units, making each Mulsanne WO edition a unique masterpiece that spans time. After more than eighty years have passed, the traces of the years that this camshaft has been contaminated are faintly visible, and it is perfect to commemorate the century-old history of Bentley.

The rusty camshaft

Then why did Bentley focus its attention on the Bentley 8.0 Litre in 1930, and what the brand left behind when it was founded? Valuable legacy?

In 1930, it witnessed the first touchdown of Bentley 8.0 Litre. This work represents the highest level of automobile manufacturing at that time, and can also be called the highest level of hand-made . The body is built by the famous body manufacturing company H.J. Mulliner, even if you want to appreciate it after a hundred years, you have to admire the craftsman's exquisite skills.

What you see in the compartment is not leather-wrapped, that is, solid wood. The surface is meticulously polished and the joints are tight. Thanks to the proper preservation, the wood grain surface and the leather surface are as smooth as new.

The wood decoration has exquisite and elegant textures

Can such a Mulsanne become a masterpiece handed down?

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