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Biden's big move U.S. electric car industry may usher in major benefits

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

Automakers promised to cooperate with Biden to formulate new emission regulations, but there are disagreements among automakers regarding Trump’s decision to prohibit California from enacting emission regulations.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, US President Biden has ordered US agencies to re-evaluate fuel efficiency standards, aircraft emission standards, home appliances and building energy efficiency standards.

In March last year, the Trump administration announced the end of the US automobile emission standards adopted during the Obama era, requiring automakers to increase fuel efficiency by 1.5% per year by 2026 instead of the previous 5%.

This means that the average car needs to travel 40.4 miles per gallon of gasoline instead of 46.7 miles. According to the Trump administration, the new regulations will result in an additional consumption of approximately 2 billion barrels of oil, an increase of 867 to 923 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and an increase in the average fuel cost of each vehicle by US$1,000 during its service life.

Immediately, this policy caused environmentalists to question. Dan Becker, the head of the Safe Climate Campaign, said in a statement that this is the worst of all the bad things President Trump has done to the environment. 'He is refusing to take any country's measures to deal with global warming, reduce oil use, and save money. He refuses to use cleaner, more energy-efficient cars, and chooses cars that pollute and consume huge amounts of fuel.' /p>

The emission regulations proposed by Obama in 2012 require automakers to double the average fuel economy of new cars and light trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2026. Obviously, compared with the original proposal, the Trump administration's final rules have much looser requirements for fuel economy.

It is worth mentioning that during Obama’s tenure, he almost martyrdom promoted the development of new energy, making a large number of new energy automobile companies stand out, and even Internet companies such as Apple and Google have begun to enter the automobile industry and promote the automobile industry. Promotion.

Obviously, the Democratic Party represented by Biden is more concerned about environmental issues. During the campaign, Biden vowed to establish 'ambitious fuel economy standards' and negotiated with workers, environmentalists, automakers, and states. Biden also instructed agencies to re-evaluate Trump's decision in 2019 to revoke California's power to set auto exhaust emissions standards and require automakers to produce more zero-emission vehicles. Automakers promised to work with Biden to formulate new emission regulations, but there are disagreements among automakers regarding Trump's decision to ban California from enacting emission regulations.

During the campaign, Biden proposed measures to improve the climate and the environment and promote energy reform; in international action, he plans to rejoin the Paris Agreement on the first day of his inauguration; in the United States, he will propose Investing two trillion US dollars to implement climate change actions, a large part of which will involve electric vehicles, Biden believes that this can make the United States once again become the leader of the global electric vehicle development. In this regard, Devin Lindsa, an analyst in the overseas auto industry, said that the series of policies that the Biden administration will implement may be the greatest benefit for the US electric vehicle industry.

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