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BMW E30 is equipped with a large displacement V8 power, no one thinks it is old anymore

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

In the field of drift racing, engine transplantation is a very common thing. Thousand horsepower is very common under the impetus. But the Achilles heel of the Ergouzi machine is that it is too large and extremely heavy.

On some top drift racing cars, V8 The engine figure gradually increased.

Picture: Among them, General Motors LS series engines are the most popular. Due to the characteristics of its OHV (Overhead valve under-mounted camshaft, overhead valve) engine, the LS series engine is very compact and light in weight. Like the LS7 7.0L V8, the actual weight is only 193 kg.

Picture: OHV is on the left, OHC (overhead camshaft) on the right, relative to OHC overhead camshaft, OHV is Move the camshaft to the cylinder position. In the V-shaped layout of the OHV, the camshaft is often located in the V-shaped included angle, so the volume of the V-shaped machine is greatly reduced.

Picture: What? OHV, doesn't it mean that this type of engine is very old and very backward?

Picture: OHV's large V8 machine cannot reach very high speed due to structural problems. There is an old saying: 'What can be done at 3000 rpm, why do you have to go to 8000For American sports cars, the horsepower data is not too prominent, but the torque is often terribly high.

Picture: Finally, after all, displacement is king. Compared with these large V8s that are more than 5.0L, those 2.0L and 3.0 The displacement of L is really small.

Picture: This BMW E30 was replaced by the owner with a very common and cheap LS1 in Australia and other places. V8 engine, 5.7L displacement, currently about 340 horsepower on wheels, what? Don't worry about the lack of power, don't worry, it's not very convenient to supercharge this big V8.

Picture: Of course, this is actually a drifting car that usually participates in drifting events, which can be seen from the cut off wheel arches To the front suspension structure that can steer at a large angle. I just don't know if this mushroom head will inhale all the smoke from the tires.

Picture: Wide-body styling has long been popular among drift cars, so this BMW drift car is equipped with a set Pandem wide body kit.

Picture: And the painting also pays tribute The BMW DTM racing car of the year.

Picture: Two openings on the cover It corresponds to the position of the cut wheel arch, and the air entering from the position of the wheel arch can flow out of the car from here.

Picture: The front wheel is 205 45 R16 Nangang NS2R tires are paired with 16x8J ET-10 wheels, and the rear wheels are 225 50 R16 Nangang NS20 tires with 16x9.5J ET-52 wheels.

Picture: It is reasonable to take down the interior and use a customized roll cage.

Picture: Two bucket seats from Velo and a six-point seat belt can secure the driver and passengers firmly .

Picture: Competitive steering wheel from Sablet, this The deep recessed steering wheel is actually not for good-looking, but to match the rear-moving seat to give the driver a suitable driving posture.

Picture: In order to match this perverted big V8, the transmission uses a six-speed T56 and an enhanced clutch kit.

Picture: Floor-standing pedals, the foot feel is naturally excellent, but it is not suitable for our daily scooters.

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