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Brembo's new concept brake discs are lighter and perform better

by:Yisheng      2021-06-02

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] Brembo is an Italian manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of brake discs. At present, its products have been distributed all over the world, including BMW, Chrysler, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Porsche. Among the cars of well-known brand car manufacturers. Headquartered in Italy, the branches currently cover Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, the United States, Poland and other countries. Brembo acquired the British racing clutch/brake system manufacturer AP Racing in 2000 and officially entered the racing parts industry. The new brake discs for automobiles that this article focuses on are made by Brembo.

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  Of course, Brembo is not alone this time. Daimler Group also participated in the development of this concept brake disc. As a large consortium, Daimler will not only provide necessary technical support to Brembo, but also financial support. The result of the strong combination is that if the test is successful, Daimler Group cars will be early adopters of this technology, and the high-end car market will change something as a result. Of course, the above are just some guesses of the editor. What are the magical aspects of this brake disc? Please see below!

●Brembo new brake disc

  According to the official introduction of Brembo, the concept brake disc released by Brembo is 10%~15% lighter than the brake disc commonly used by manufacturers at present. Such a design can effectively reduce vehicle fuel consumption and improve vehicle environmental protection. performance.

   The brake disc is mainly composed of cast iron and steel. The steel material is used on the brake disc shell, which is different from the cast iron shell of the traditional brake disc. Under the premise of ensuring the same braking effect, the thickness of the brake disc with the Brembo steel shell is only 2.5mm, while the thickness of the latter is 7.5mm-9mm. As the thickness of the shell is greatly reduced, the weight of the brake disc can be reduced. Of course, if you are just talking here on paper, then everyone may think it is nothing, but it is definitely not a joke to change something on the basis of the original under the premise of ensuring the same effect.

  Compared with traditional brake discs, Brembo's new brake discs have made some achievements in terms of weight, and more importantly, the tooth profile design in it is made of Swiss Rolex watches. The sprocket manufacturing process used above is precisely because of this design that allows the brake disc to pass Daimler's rigorous mechanical torsion fatigue test.

●Brembo teaches you how to paint brake calipers

   As the car buyers get younger, the pursuit of vehicle practicality is far from being able to meet people’s needs. More people will Car body decals, spoof self-deprecating and other ways to show your personality. Of course, if you can have a large and beautiful brake caliper while decals, then the combination is absolutely stunning. Let Brembo teach you how to spray red paint on the original brake calipers of your car!

   In order to make the final result more even, first of all, you have to reluctantly apply the brakes The calipers are removed from the entire brake system, and the brake calipers are cleaned enough to ensure that any additional dust, dirt, etc. on them will affect the aesthetics after painting. Of course, because the brake disc is at a high temperature for a long time, there will be some hardened residues on it that are difficult to remove. At this time, you need to use a designated metal solvent to dissolve these residues.

   After you get a work result that looks brighter than the original brake disc, congratulations, you have completed the first step, and then enter the formal painting stage . Due to the extremely high working temperature of the brake calipers, the use of ordinary paint is very unreliable. At this time, foam spray paint is used. This paint is immune to high temperatures and will not fade.

  The spray painting process is also exquisite, which is also the most technically tested part of the entire spray painting. The spray paint must be uniform and smooth on the surface without unevenness. Convex, and each layer sprayed on must be thin enough, because too thick may cause interference in the subsequent installation process. It takes about 15 minutes for each layer to be sprayed before the next layer is sprayed, about 5 to 10 layers are sprayed. It is recommended to practice with newspapers before painting.

   If your hands do not tremble during the whole process, and the paint sprayed on is evenly colored and exquisitely translucent, then congratulations, the second painting process has been completed, and then You can put the brake calipers back in after 24 hours. Enjoy the worship of passers-by!

  Summary: Since the acquisition of AP Racing in the field of racing parts in 2000, Brembo has become a Rolls Royce among brake disc system suppliers—— Basically only supply high-end car brands. If this research and development is successful, it will not be impossible to trigger a top-down reform.

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