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Briefly describe the relationship between camshaft position sensor and ignition

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05

The camshaft position sensor has a great relationship with ignition. Now many novice drivers don’t understand this aspect very well. The following is some information about camshaft position sensor and ignition organized by the editor for riders. For the knowledge of the relationship, I hope you can learn more about the relationship between the camshaft position sensor and ignition in this article.

Camshaft position sensor is also called synchronous signal sensor It is a cylinder discriminating and positioning device, which inputs the camshaft position signal to the ECU and is the main control signal for ignition control.

The camshaft position sensor collects the position signal of the valve camshaft, and inputs it to the ECU so that the ECU can identify the top dead center of cylinder 1 for sequential fuel injection control, ignition timing control and knock control . In addition, the camshaft position signal is also used to identify the secondary ignition timing when the engine is started. Because the camshaft position sensor can identify which cylinder piston is about to reach the top dead center, it is also called a cylinder identification sensor.

According to the camshaft position signal and the crankshaft position signal, the engine computer controls the 4 cylinders to inject fuel in the order of 1-3-4-2.

When the engine computer cannot receive the camshaft position signal, it will control the fuel injection according to the simultaneous injection of cylinders 1, 4 and the simultaneous injection of cylinders 2 and 3. Because the ignition coil produces double sparks, the engine can still start and run. At this time, the knock control is closed, the ignition advance angle is delayed, and the output power drops.

The above are some of the camshaft position sensors and The relationship between ignition, I believe that riders have already understood the relevant knowledge in this area through the above introduction.

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